Khadeeja, daughter of AR Rahman, got married

Chennai, First Published May 6, 2022, 9:40 AM IST

Khatija, daughter of music director AR Rahman, is married to singer Khatija.
The groom is Riyazuddin Sheikh Mohammed. Rahman and Khadeeja announced their marriage on social media. The couple got engaged on December 29 last year.

AR Rahman and Saira Banu have three children, Khadeeja, Rahima and Amin. Khajeeja made her cinematic debut with Enthiran starring Rajinikanth. Later, Khadeeja sang in a few Tamil films. Khadeeja also recently received the International Sound Future Award.

The award is for the video ‘Farishto’. It is also Khadeeja’s first musical venture. Rahman himself composed and composed the music for ‘Farishto’. Munna Shaukat Ali is the author.

Writer Taslima Nasrin’s mockery of Khadeeja wearing a burqa has caused a great deal of controversy. According to Taslima Nasr, Khadeeja’s burqa is disturbing. Khadeeja also commented that it was her choice what to wear. AR Rahman also came out in response to the controversy. Rahman said it was her choice what her daughter should wear.

Jai Bhim controversy; Order to file case against Surya and Jyothika

An order has been issued to register an FIR against the producers of the Tamil film Jai Bhim starring Suriya. Rudra Vanniyar Sena, an organization representing the Vanniyar community, had approached the court alleging that the film was hurting the sentiments of their community. The Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court has directed the Velachery Police Inspector to file an FIR in the case. Founder of Rudra Vanniyar Sena Adv. K Santosh Naicker approached the court. The film is produced by Surya and Jyoti under the banner of 2D Entertainments.

According to Santosh Naicker’s plea, the film portrays the late leader of the Vanniyar community as a person who worked against the Guru tribe and the Vanniyar community as disobedient to the law. According to the petition, there are scenes in the film which incite hatred against Hindutva and Vanni and disturb the communal harmony. Penalties are sought against the makers of the film under sections 153 (deliberate incitement to riot), 153A (1) (inciting hostility between different sections), 499 (defamation), 503 (intimidation) and 504 (intentional insult to disturb the peace) of the Indian Penal Code. The court asked the police to file an FIR within five working days.

Written and directed by Tha Gnanavel, the film is a legal drama. Surya plays the role of Chandru, a lawyer who works for the oppressed. Malayalee actress Lijomol, who played the role of Senkani, who is trying to get justice for her husband, had received a big round of applause. The character was hailed as the best performance of Lijomol’s career. The film was Surya’s direct OT release after Surai Pot. Jai Bhim was released in November 2021 through Amazon Prime.

Earlier, when the Vanniyar community organization came out against the film, the tribals had protested in solidarity with Surya. This was on the recommendation of the Tamil Nadu Tribal Nomadic Federation. The demonstration in front of the Madurai Collectorate carrying rats and snakes in its hands symbolized the film and made headlines. People from the categories of Kaatunayakan, Sholaga, Adiyan and Kanikkar participated in the demonstration that day.

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