Kidney problems: Tina Turner talks about suffering

kidney problems

“I was so wrong” – Tina Turner talks about her long ordeal

For decades, Tina Turner suffered from high blood pressure and didn’t take the diagnosis seriously. Looking back, she would have done many things differently.


Turner was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 1978. But she didn’t do anything for a long time.

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  • The singer Tina Turner suffered from high blood pressure for a long time.

  • Because she didn’t treat it for a long time, her kidney values ​​deteriorated massively until she finally needed a transplant.

  • Today she regrets that she did not take the diagnosis seriously earlier and switched to homeopathy in the meantime.

Tina Turner had to undergo a kidney transplant in 2017. This became necessary because the 83-year-old had been suffering from high blood pressure for decades, which had severely damaged her organs. After all, it was her husband Erwin Bach who gave her one of his donated kidneys.

“For far too long I thought my body was invulnerable”

Now Turner speaks, that last year huge estate bought at Lake Zurich, openly about her ordeal. She spoke to the Show Your Kidneys Love website about how she should have treated her high blood pressure much sooner. “I didn’t want to accept the fact that I would need medication every day for the rest of my life. For far too long I thought my body was invulnerable,” Turner said.

Turner was diagnosed with high blood pressure back in 1978. “I can’t remember anyone ever explaining to me what high blood pressure means or how it affects the body,” she says. In 2009, Tina Turner suffered a stroke that was also related to her blood pressure. “That’s when I found out for the first time that my kidneys weren’t working so well anymore,” she recalls.

Homeopathic remedies were ineffective

Turner began taking medication for it, but didn’t feel as good as he used to. In the meantime, she switched to homeopathy on the advice of a doctor – and actually felt better for a while. She didn’t tell her doctors about the experiment. “When my next routine check-up was due, I was curious to see if the homeopathic remedy had lowered my blood pressure and improved my kidney function.”

But turning away from conventional medicine turned out to be a fatal mistake. “Rarely in my life have I been so wrong,” Turner says today. The kidney disease had gotten much worse. In fact, symptoms she had blamed on the medication were signs her kidney disease been in the final stages. “How could I ever think of making decisions about my treatment on my own? If I had known the risk I was taking, I would never have taken the risk.”

“I was lucky that Erwin offered me a kidney”

she had to with the dialysis begin. “It was depressing to be plugged into a machine for hours, but it was my only option.” Turner says she realized then that the fight for a cure is always a fight for accurate information. “I was lucky that Erwin offered to donate one of his kidneys. That was the first step in kidney transplantation, a very complex procedure,” she recalls.

At first her body tried to reject the donor kidney. Turner was hospitalized several times for complications. “I was constantly nauseous and dizzy, I forgot things and was very scared,” she says today. But she is satisfied with the path she has taken: “I take several medications and make sure that I follow the instructions of my doctors exactly. Because I know that I can trust them and their therapies.”

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