Kika Silva risked it with daring postcards from Costa Rica

a couple of days ago, We told you that Kika Silva shared unpublished photos of her younger sister’s civil marriage.

The model used her social networks to share several records of what the ceremony was.

“My bus got married by the civilian”, he wrote next to one of the first photographs of the ceremony.

In addition, Kika showed off the look that she herself wore at the event, with an emerald green suit and a flowery blouse, in addition to her eyes made up in yellow.

“Josefa Silva is no longer my bus,” the model and influencer later wrote, highlighting her brother-in-law as her new “legal brother” and also posing with her other brothers: Cristóbal and Daniel.

The postal plays

However, now she returns to the fore after she surprised with an uncovering in a bikini from Costa Rica.

The blonde wore a green swimsuit posing from the Caribbean beaches.

As expected, in a matter of seconds, comments began to appear applauding the photos.

“Regia”, “Costa Kika”, “Great”, “You mess up how beautiful you are”, “What a beautiful and sexy doll”, “Beautiful”, “You are incredible”, “For God’s sake”, “You spend” and “A complete beauty” were some of the comments it generated.

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