King & Prince Kaito Takahashi and Audrey Wakabayashi in “But I have Passion” are highly rated Dance, manga, acting… expressiveness cultivated in various places

2023-04-17 21:00:22

Kaito Takahashi of King & Prince and Shintaro Morimoto of SixTONES starred in the drama “But there is passion” (Nippon TV), which finished its second broadcast on April 16th. Masayasu Wakabayashi (Audrey), who is a popular entertainer, is played by Takahashi, and Ryota Yamazato (Nankai Candies) is played by Morimoto, but many people were surprised at the high degree of perfection of Wakabayashi and Yamazato shown in their performances. there is Until the drama started, there were many impressions of Morimoto’s visuals, which closely resembled Yamazato, but after the drama began, the impression that Wakabayashi, played by Takahashi, was too similar to himself, became noticeable. It’s here.

First of all, I am surprised that Takahashi’s voice in the performance is very similar to Wakabayashi’s. Perhaps his tone, voice pitch, and speaking rhythm are quite close to those of Wakabayashi himself. And not only his voice, but also his facial expressions, body posture, and even the angles of his hands are all just like Wakabayashi. It’s strange because when you watch the drama, you can only see Takahashi as Wakabayashi. It is not clear how Takahashi mastered it, but there is no doubt that he accurately captured the details of Wakabayashi’s speaking style and reproduced it at a high level.

When you see Takahashi speaking on singing programs and variety shows, you can see that Takahashi’s own way of speaking and appearance has a unique personality. On the other hand, Wakabayashi himself, who is a model for the drama, is full of Wakabayashi’s unique personality. At least until the drama started, I don’t think there were many people who said that Takahashi and Wakabayashi’s personalities were similar. Nonetheless, Takahashi’s performance in But But Passionate is surprisingly reminiscent of Wakabayashi. Above all, Takahashi’s performance had a persuasive power that made Wakabayashi before his debut, which most people should not know, look like Wakabayashi. This is not just because Takahashi is good at imitating Wakabayashi, but because Takahashi makes full use of his imagination in the script and direction to express Wakabayashi’s personality. Takahashi’s imagination and power of expression are linked to the diverse activities that he himself has been involved in so far.

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Speaking of Takahashi, the image of dance is originally strong. He has been involved in dance since childhood and has won numerous dance competitions before joining Johnny & Associates. In King & Prince, he also contributes his dance skills to the group’s quality performances. Also, on Johnny’s office’s YouTube channel “+81 DANCE STUDIO”, which specializes in dance, Takahashi choreographed SMAP’s “SHAKE” and performed with Travis Japan, who boasts the best dance skills among Johnny’s. The imagination and expressive power that Takahashi shows in the genre of dance has a strong presence in Johnny’s.

SMAP – SHAKE ft. Choreographers / Performed by Travis Japan [+81 DANCE STUDIO]

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