Knot on women’s panties: what is it for?

2023-05-30 08:05:56

Contrary to what you thought, this knot did not only have an aesthetic vocation. Small step back to better understand the presence of this historical detail.

Women’s panties – Source: spm

An almost ubiquitous detail in women’s lingerie

You’ve probably noticed by now that women’s underwear, especially panties, often show a knot in the front. An almost constant trend, on models of all sizes, which dates from the 18th century. But until now, most women have always thought that it was a deliberate choice by manufacturers to adorn the underwear with a flirtatious and girly touch. In truth, it is not. If nowadays, it is more of a fashion detail that lasts over time, bringing a symbolism of a woman-child, this has not always been the case. At one time, this little knot had a completely different purpose.

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What is the origin of this little knot on women’s panties?

Usually, when buying their lingerie items, women pay attention to the quality and aesthetics of the models. Thus, according to their taste and their desires, they carefully choose the color, the material and the cut of the underwear. These are, of course, very important factors to consider. But there is bound to be a detail that has always caught your attention: that essential little knot at the center of most panties, whether classic, refined or more glamorous. Moreover, we have become so familiar with it that it sometimes goes almost unnoticed. Did you wonder where this tradition came from? There is precisely a historical explanation for this small detail.

This knot was born at the beginning of the 19th century. In the past, tape was needed to support underwear: it replaced elastane (which didn’t yet exist) to help close panties and keep them from sliding down the ankles. Today, fortunately, we no longer need knots to tie or hold underwear, because the design includes the right size for each body type.

Thus, the small knot in the panties served not only to adjust the size of the underwear, but also to identify the front and back.

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What is the purpose of the knot in women’s panties?

Back then, without electricity, women didn’t have conveniences like a light switch at home to have good visibility when putting on their clothes. They had to light candles all the time. To save money, this little knot turned out to be very practical, since it made it much easier for them to put on their panties even in the dark. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, the small knot also had the task of hiding certain unsightly stitches.

Used clothes

Used clothes – Source: spm

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