Know before the discount..A new message from the catering through bread exchange bonuses

12:02 PM

Saturday 04 June 2022

Books – Mohamed Sami:

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade sent a new message to some users of bread cards, where a message appears below the news story containing the phrase: issuance fees of 22 pounds.

A source at the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade confirmed to Masrawy, today, Saturday, that these fees are in exchange for issuing a replacement for a lost or damaged ration card and it was extracted electronically, and that this message is sent to those who request a damaged or lost ration card replacement, and it is deducted from the value of the ration support.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to receive citizens’ requests to update the phone number on the supply card through the Egypt Support and Egypt Digital Portal websites, until June 30th.​

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