Kristine Bukhynbalte is better in Sochi than in Moscow

The reality show participant flew to Sochi for four days with her friend and immediately shared her impressions of the weekend spent on the seashore. “What a thrill just to look at the sea, to see these seagulls, to look at people, how they smile, everyone is so positive. We needed this breath of air. I wish everyone to come to Sochi and enjoy their loved one,” Christina told her subscribers, noticing that people in Sochi are completely different, not like in Moscow, smiling and calm.

“In part, Sochi reminds me of Italy, I would live here, Sochi or Italy,” said Bukhynbalte, who is already returning to Polyana today and starting the work process. Kristina Bukhynbalte is better in Sochi than in Moscow, according to a member of House 2, if she ever decides to stay in Russia, she will definitely live in Sochi. But what about a rented empty apartment, a separate room in a VIP house, the work of a reality show host?

Bukhynbalte liked everything in Sochi, from toilets in restaurants to the opportunity to win money in an entertainment establishment. Earlier, we discussed Christine’s intentions to stay on the project, not to build relationships, to engage in his own implementation.

So, in Moscow it is still better, where else can Bukhynbalte earn money for recreation and entertainment?

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