Kunlun Wanwei: Investing in and holding green vanadium new energy to open up an international layout in the field of new energy

(Original title: Kunlun Wanwei: Investing in and holding green vanadium new energy to open up an international layout in the field of new energy)

Securities Times News, on the evening of December 4, Kunlun Wanwei (300418.SZ) issued an announcement that the company completed the capital increase of Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 60% equity of energy, green vanadium new energy will be included in Kunlun Wanwei’s consolidated scope. Kunlun Wanwei seized the opportunity of a new round of energy technology revolution, added a new energy investment sector, and opened up an international layout in the new energy field.

According to the announcement, Ningbo Dianjin Equity Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunlun Wanwei, and Khorgos Kunnuo Tianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. contributed RMB 220 million and RMB 80 million of their own funds respectively. Increase the capital of Green Vanadium New Energy and obtain 60% equity of Green Vanadium New Energy. The company stated that this holding investment in green vanadium new energy, and the cooperation with the high-tech team in the field of new energy energy storage to achieve complementary advantages, is the first step for the company to develop new energy investment business, and it is the company’s continuous investment in the field of sea energy. A template has been created, which is in line with the company’s business development and strategic planning, and has a positive role in promoting the company’s future development.

It is understood that since its establishment, Kunlun Wanwei has successively invested in ByteDance, Didi, PonyAi, Chaimi, Qudian, Grindr, DADA and other outstanding companies in the Internet field, bringing substantial investment returns to the company and significantly increasing its the company’s performance. With its excellent investment performance, the company has formed a wide range of influence in the industry, and at the same time attracted many outstanding investment talents, creating an investment team with top competitiveness.

With the development paradigm shift in the field of science and technology, the energy and information technology revolution has entered a new stage. In the past two years, the company’s investment business team has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of new energy investment, and has successively invested in companies such as Honeycomb Energy, Dongyue Hydrogen Energy, Sinano Optoelectronics, and Xinghuan Energy, which has made a good reserve for the company to focus on investment in the new energy field . In order to continue to improve the return on investment business, the company combines its own advantages to invest in the field of new energy, forming a “1+1” business structure in the investment sector, that is, a business structure in which the primary market technology equity private equity fund business and new energy investment business run parallel.

In addition, the company’s leadership team made a clear division of labor. Chairman Jin Tian will be in charge of the company’s new energy investment sector. From the formulation of investment business plans to implementation, he will focus on excellent investment projects in the field of new energy to ensure that the company successfully realizes the “1+1” business plan for the investment business sector. General Manager Fang Han will continue to lead the company’s Internet business sector and lead the development of the Internet business to the stage of AIGC and Metaverse.

Kunlun Wanwei said that the company’s new energy investment business is a part of the implementation of the company’s current overall business plan. As the earliest Internet platform company in China to go overseas, the company is currently promoting the internationalization of the existing AIGC and Metaverse business, and on the other hand, it must take advantage of global resources and channel advantages to seize the opportunity of internationalization in the new energy field and become a domestic leader. Make valuable contributions to the entry of new energy technologies into the international market. (Yan Yun)

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