kyiv suspects the Red Cross of being “accomplice” of Russia on the fate of refugees

A manager Ukrainian Wednesday blamed the International Committee of the Red Cross of not cooperating with his country on the fate of Ukrainian refugees in Russia, suspecting him of being an “accomplice” of “deportations”, accusations strongly rejected by the ICRC.

serious charges

“The ICRC is not fulfilling its mandate” concerning the people evacuated, according to her by force to Russia by the Russian army, launched Lyudmyla Denissova, in charge of human rights at the Ukrainian Parliament on Ukrainian television. “I suspect them of being accomplices” of Russia, she continued, after speaking Wednesday with an official of the Ukrainian branch of the ICRC.

“I have been trying to see the ICRC president for a month to discuss the deportation of our citizens to the Russia. I am trying to do this after the president of the ICRC said that the ICRC will open a representation in Rostov-on-Don and encourage the reception of Ukrainians on the territory of the aggressor state,” Ms. Denisova said. .

Figures for proof

She cited figures from theONU, according to which 550,000 Ukrainian refugees are in Russia, including 121,000 children. ” Where are they ? In filtration camps? In temporary homes? We have testimonies of people who have been brought” to Russia, she said.

Denissova said she asked her Russian counterpart Tatiana Moskalkova to provide her with the lists of Ukrainian refugees in Russia in order to work with the Red Cross for their repatriation: “Zero response from her and from the ICRC”.

The ICRC denies these accusations

The ICRC “firmly rejected these false accusations”, reassuring once again that it was not “carrying out forced evacuations” and recalling that the organization had “facilitated the voluntary safe passage of civilians and wounded to other towns Ukrainians”.

The organization confirmed “having explored the possibility of opening an office in Rostov-on-Don” in order to “alleviate the suffering of those affected by the armed conflict”. “Building and maintaining a dialogue with the parties to a conflict is essential in order to have access to all those affected and to obtain the security guarantees necessary for our teams to provide vital assistance,” the ICRC stressed.

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