La Roja U-17 challenge Brazil in their debut in the South American Cup in Ecuador

There is nothing left for you The Red Sub-17trained by Hernan Caputosee its first minutes in the South American of the category disputed in Ecuador.

The debut will not be easy, since they face the heavyweight of the group, Brazil, where they are also Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and the host.

However, the matches are to be played and more so when facing a team that did not start the tournament in the best way, since ‘La Verdeamarela’ equalized in their first match against the ‘Tri’ by 2 a 2so they will go on the attack with everything to try to climb to the top of zone A of the contest.

Another result in the group was equality to 0 between charrúas and colombianswhich leaves everyone with 1 point except Chile that has not played.

For his part, he national team They have not had any action so far, since they were the team that was released on the first date, so their first points will face them against The Canarinha.

The Chileans arrived at Guayaquil on March 25 and from that moment they have prepared the strategy to give a good presentation and reach the quotas to enter the world of the category that will be played in Peru in this 2023.

With everything ready to bring to life the electrifying 90 minutes, The Red and Brazil They will start the match at about 6:30 pm (Chilean time) and located in the Christian Benítez stadium in Ecuador.

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