Lack of cardiovascular supplies: “patients end up dying because I don’t have what to operate on them with”

2023-09-27 19:15:20

In a statement with a local radio station, the doctor Juan Paolinisurgeon cardiovascular and president of the Latin American Association of Cardiovascular Surgeryhas exposed the critical situation that medical professionals in Argentina face and the consequences that this has on some patients.

“There’s a deficit important of all elements that we need to perform cardiovascular surgeries“, declares the reference.

The collapse of private clinics: “without funds or supplies, the way is to close”

According to the surgeon, 90% of the inputs that are used in Argentina to treat cardiovascular pathologies they come from outside.

“Some are made here, but the quality is totally different. Even so, the inputs to generate them, the materials, also come from outside,” he explains.

He also criticized the lack of knowledge of those responsible for imports, which delays the arrival of medical supplies.

“Many They are not prepared and they do not know what they approve and what they do not approve. There are people who die because there is a person who does not know how to read what a suture is to operate on a heart, they believe that As it says, suture and yarn, they send it to textiles.. “That takes three weeks until the textile office tells you ‘no sir, this is something medical.'”

Clinics and sanatoriums in Córdoba begin to implement co-payments for medical services

As a result of this, “patients arrive at surgery in a very poor general condition waiting for these supplies. We assist day by day patients who die because surgeries are delayed due to lack of supplies,” declares the spokesperson.

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On the other hand, Paolini commented that “with 100 million dollars that would be authorized to spend the problem would be fixed. However, improvisation“The mental meanness that these people in charge are having causes harm.”

Along the same lines, “we have been denouncing this more than 20 years ago, we have already reached a maximum extreme. We look for the means like no one else in the world and that is why we are recognized. We treat patients with nothing and we treat them the same,” Paolini highlighted in dialogue with Cadena 3.

Copays in Argentina

Regarding the current situation that some health institutions in the country are experiencing, the specialist indicated that, “they cannot believe us in the rest of the world what we are charging as doctors because they do not take it as something credible.”

Finally, the problem with coinsurance and the lack of some inputs in Argentina “They are crazy things that don’t happen in the rest of Latin American countries or those close to us,” concludes Juan Paolini.

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