Lampatos: Their first televised meeting – 2024-04-13 21:24:18

“An old acquaintance, an old friend, an old partner who is now present. Friendships do not change over time. Various things happen, but from then on, life brings them in such a way that you meet again with a person with whom you have had a good time, have shared the same board. That’s how it is with Giorgos here again,” said Markos Seferlis.

“When you’re with Marco you know you’re going to work a lot, because he’s a theater worker. But you know that you will also have a great time. This seems like a dream to me, because I couldn’t be on a better side than Markos Seferlis” pointed out Giorgos Lambatos.

“I hold no grudges, I have no hatred in me for anyone. George, in a moment of weakness, made a wrong move to turn against me. When he realizes his mistake and regrets it, there is no reason for me to continue to have anything with him” Markos Seferlis added at another point.

Afterwards, Markos Seferlis and Giorgos Lambatos talked about their first meeting and did not hide their emotion. “My greatest reward is when I see that person come to rehearsal with gusto and I feel like I did a good thing for a person who needed it. He wanted to take life back into his own hands. We have all been at the bottom and were looking for a hand to pull us up” noted Markos Seferlis with tears in his eyes.

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