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Mrs. Ana Llantén, 70 years old, was the last to cross the finish line, where she was received with applause and a standing ovation.

His arrival was exciting and moving.

“I have been running for 30 years and my husband always accompanied me. He died five years ago, on April 6. Now I run with him. I feel it in the race. I talk to him and feel his presence. I’m going to run until I can’t take it anymore and the younger ones should be motivated to have a healthy life,” she confesses through tears.

Postcards of emotion, joy, enthusiasm, passion and love were those that spontaneously emerged in the first version of the Chillán Runners Corrida, organized by the Chillán Runners Club, with the support of the Municipality of Chillán and the Mall Vivo.

500 registrants filled the quotas within days of the running festival and more than 400 were those who, defying the morning cold, arrived at the parking lot of the shopping complex, to participate in the 2.5, 6 and 12 km series.

“The test felt good. I am from Copiapó, but I am based in Los Angeles, where I study psychology. These events should be encouraged because running, with or without shoes, is a sport that everyone can do,” commented Ignacio Carrizo, winner of the 12 km series.

“I ran without a number, because the places had already been sold out, but it helped me to cover the kilometers for the National. I tried to run at 3.1. On the way out it was more difficult, on the way back it was difficult for me to maintain the pace because of the wind, but the route was very nice,” declared Juan Manuel Quijada, who scored in the same category, but without an official registration number.

“Glad. I liked the circuit, it was good. I hope they continue doing this race and thank the sponsors. Now I am preparing for the National”, confessed Julio Gutiérrez, winner of the 6 km men’s series.

In the 2.5 km family series, women, the winner was Trinidad Coloma and in men, the triathlete Alonso Valenzuela, who beat the former Ñublense player, José Mardones.

“It’s entertaining for people who love sports. In my case, I came with my family, my wife and my son. I hope the family bullfights continue to be repeated,” Mardones emphasized.

Positive balance

The judge of the test and coach of Chillán Runners, Sergio Pereira, pointed out that “we exhausted the registration quotas, we delivered 470 numbers, we were eager to do other competitions, when we presented the project to carry out this first version, it was with the purpose of “Let it be a career that lasts over time.”

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