The persistent doubts of Jean Ping and the CNR –

During its latest outing, the Coalition for the New Republic drew up a real indictment against the transitional authorities and the organizers of the inclusive national dialogue. She says “fear that this meeting will only produce a mouse and that it will not be able to bring anything more compared to previous meetings”.

The Coalition for the New Republic says it regrets that the dialogue, organized “in haste and unpreparedness under the pretext of the demands of the international community, is characterized by the absence of the themes which are at the origin of the crimes in Gabon, relating in particular to political governance”.

The CNR rather notes, to regret it, the highlighting of reflections on sectoral themes relating to government programs which already exist. Jean Ping and his companions from the CNR then questioned the advisability of “spend so many billions on adjusting and updating government programs”.

“Do they want to bring us back to a common program of government, or is it the king who solicits the States General to nourish and establish his reign? », asks the CNR, which lists a string of initiatives taken unilaterally by the transitional government. Initiatives at the origin of doubts and distrust which have settled and strengthened public opinion as to the true purpose of these meetings, she believes she knows.

Among the grievances, the CNR points to the authoritative appointments of members of the dialogue office, members of the offices of the 3 commissions and members of the offices of the 12 subcommittees. It also notes the designation of authority by the CTRI and its government of members of political parties in defiance of the laws that govern them.

Jean Ping and his companions finally rebel against the designation of authority upstream, by the CTRI and its government, of the participants in the dialogue and downstream, their assignment of authority in the commissions and sub-committees without taking into account the expertise of each member.

These acts of authority are qualified as ”martial diktat”, contrary to the democratic spirit and the inclusiveness of national dialogue, in the eyes of the CNR. Its leading figure, Jean Ping, former candidate for the 2016 presidential election, was called to the Angondjé conference in the group of delegates whose experience and expertise are requested on certain issues submitted for debate to the dialogue.

Féeodora Madiba

2024-04-13 16:40:00
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