Lance Stroll Sidelined After Serious Crash: Aston Martin F1 Team’s Singapore Grand Prix Update

2023-09-17 07:31:22

Aston Martin F1 Team has announced that Lance Stroll will miss the F1 Singapore Grand Prix after suffering a serious crash in qualifying. During Q1 qualifying for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Lance Stroll ran onto a curb at the final corner, oversteered, and crashed into the barrier, causing major damage to his car.

Stroll exited the car on his own and was then given appropriate treatment by the medical team. The team still faces the huge task of repairing the car, but Stroll is still in pain from the shock. Aston Martin and Lance have therefore agreed to shift their focus to making a full recovery for the next race in Japan, the Japanese Grand Prix. Only one car from the team, Fernando Alonso, will be participating in the Singapore Grand Prix final. “Following Lance’s crash in qualifying during the Singapore Grand Prix, Lance and Aston Martin have jointly agreed that he will not take part in the Singapore Grand Prix,” Aston Martin F1 Team said in a statement. “The team faces a huge task today of repairing the car and, understandably, Lance is still feeling sore after having suffered such a huge impact. Lance is currently in full preparation for the Japanese Grand Prix. Aston Martin F1 Team Principal Mike Clack said: “The whole team is relieved that Lance was able to get out of the car after yesterday’s accident, but he has “I am still feeling the aftereffects of such a shocking accident.” “The priority now is for him to make a full and speedy recovery. We are working together to ensure that he misses tonight’s race and will instead return to the cockpit for next weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix. I decided to concentrate.”

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