Lanes are closed at the Ponce airport where Joe Biden will land: the government is doing work

The lanes to the Mercedita airport in Poncewhere the president of the United States will land tomorrow, Monday, Joe Bidenwere closed today for work carried out by the Government of Puerto Rico and the military as part of the official visit.

This was reported by Police Bureau in a press release, warning drivers that Lanes, in both directions, of the PR-1 highway in the Mercedita neighborhood were closed up to the La Plena neighborhood for work carried out by officials of the Ports Authority and the Army.

Given this, the security forces asked the drivers heading towards the southern municipality of Juana Diaz to take the exit to highway PR-5506 towards highway PR-52; meanwhile, those who drive towards Ponce, must leave towards the expressway.

The government estimates that the work will be completed between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm this Sunday, the police said.

Ayer, The Ports Authority reported that they also had brigades to complete “recovery work” on the fence that borders the airport and that it was “demolished” by the rains of Hurricane Fiona two weeks ago.

Biden will be in Puerto Rico on Monday and Tuesday for his commitment to visit the archipelago to assess the damage caused by the hurricane fiona two weeks ago.

Then, he will travel to the state of Florida to carry out the same damage assessment for the impact caused by the hurricane Ian this past weekend.

It will be the eleventh time that an American president has visited the country.

The other ten presidents who have been to Puerto Rico are Theodore Roosevelt (1906), Herbert Hoover (1931), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1934), Harry Truman (1948), Dwight Eisenhower (1960), John F. Kennedy (1961), Lyndon B. Johnson (1968), Gerald Ford (1976), Barack Obama (2011) and Donald Trump (2017).

Trump was in Puerto Rico on October 3, 2017, almost two weeks after the onslaught of the Hurricane Maria.

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