Last chance for MAD Lions, live matches

WORLDS LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. Europe mourns the loss of Rogue and Fnatic who are eliminated from the Worlds group stage. MAD Lions remains the last hope of this region, having managed to seek an exceptional tie-break in Group D.

[Mis à jour le 18 octobre 2021 à 21h17] The League of Legends Worlds are off to a good start. This 2021 edition is already offering us a great show with the domination, for the moment, of the Chinese and Korean teams. Unfortunately for the European fans, it is their teams who pay the price, Rogue and Fnatic have come up against Korean and Chinese walls and failed to qualify for the finals. Last hope for Europe, MAD Lions who managed to recover from a deficit of two defeats to rise to the height of its competitors, in an incredible four-team tie-break which will be played in the evening.

Day 7 of groups

Certainly, the groups have many surprises in store for us. The rather full-bodied group D of the MAD Lions found themselves in a very good situation at the end of this 6th and last day of group stages. After losing their first return leg, the European seed 1 managed to pick up the slack and end his day with two great wins against LNG Esports and Team Liquid. Result of the races, the whole of group D is left with 3 victories and 3 defeats. This forces a tie-break between the four teams. MAD Lions will have to get rid of LNG Esports to be able to hope to advance to the finals. Watch the tie-break live:

Tie-break results:

The MAD Lions are qualified! After a crazy match of more than 45 minutes against the seed 4 of the LPL, the Europeans managed to overturn a game that was looking badly. After having unsuccessfully tried to reverse the match on the toplane side, the European seed 1 managed to prevent the Chinese from snowballing thanks to an extremely mobile team composition. An extraordinary Humanoid and Elyoya managed to find the necessary teamfight flaws to weaken a declining Chinese composition at the end of the game. The Europeans meet up with the Koreans from Gen G to determine who will finish first in Pool D in the last game of day 7.

In this first match of the tie-break of this group D, Team Liquid attacked the mountain Gen G. The Americans carried by a stratospheric Jensen failed to lock their advantage in the early-game, and it is the Korean composition centered around Zoe from Bdd and an unbeatable Yuumi at the end of the game who emerged victorious from this tie-break. Despite everything, the Americans leave the Worlds with their heads held high, on a rather incredible flight from Nashor by Jensen’s Syndra. Gen G therefore qualifies for the finals of the Worlds.

Day 6 of groups

Fnatic will never really have been able to develop its game in these Worlds 2021. The legendary European team was the second from its region to leave the Worlds, losing once again to Hanwha Life Esports, the Korean seed 4. Despite a start in their fourth game and a victory against Royal Never Give Up, the team of Bwipo and Adam was logically dominated by the Koreans, before concluding their competition with another defeat against PSG Talon.

Day 5 of groups

Same story for Rogue, who ultimately leaves the competition with his head held high, despite a surprising defeat against Cloud 9. It is indeed the American team that comes out of this triple tie-break between FPX, Rogue and themselves afterwards. to have dominated the Europeans during a match without much suspense. Hans Sama’s team has indeed failed to set up its game around its star ADC, and despite a very good victory against the winners of the Worlds 2019, leaves by the back door.

Group A

Rang Team Results
1 DWG KIA (q) 6-0
2 Cloud 9 (q) 2-4
3 Rogue 2-4
4 FunPlus Phoenix 2-4

Group B

Rang Team Results
1 T1 (q) 5-1
2 Edward Gaming (q) 4-2
3 100 Thieves 3-3
4 DetonatioN FocusMe 0-6

Group C

Rang Team Results
1 Royal Never Give Up (q) 4-2
2 PSG Talon (q) 4-2
3 Hanwha Life Esport 3-3
4 Fnatic 1-5

Group D

Rang Team Results
1 Gen G (q) 4-3
1 MAD Lions (q) 4-3
3 Team Liquid 3-4
3 LNG Sports 3-4

Things are happening around the Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena in Reykjavik. The play-ins are over since October 9 last and already the group stages have started. Twelve teams face each other in BO 1 round trip matches from Monday 11 to Monday 18 October, to try to qualify for the play-offs. These final stages will take place from 22 october until the grand finale on Sunday November 6.

From October 5 to 9, the League of Legends Worlds play-ins took place. Ten teams faced each other in merciless matches which saw four teams advance to the group stages of the main competition. Unsurprisingly, it is the Koreans of Hanwha Life Sports and the Chinese team LNG Sports who qualified for the group stages. They were followed by the famous NA team Cloud 9 and the little surprise of these play-offs, the Japanese from DetonatioN FocusMe who also managed to join the main competition. The groups were then drawn, giving us four fairly full-bodied hens.

LPL LNG Sports
LCK Hanwha Life Sports
LCS Cloud 9
PCS Beyond Gaming
CBLOL Red Canins
LCL Unicorns of Love
TCL Galatasaray Esports
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe
WITH Infinity Sports
LPL EDward Gaming
LPL FunPlus Phoenix
LPL Royal Never Give Up
LCK DamWon Gaming KIA
LEC Fnatic
LEC Mad Lions
LEC Rogue
LCS 100 Thieves
LCS Team Liquid

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