Last year, the profits of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises above designated size in my country increased by 25.6% year-on-year-the policy really gave the enterprises a boost – yqqlm

Last year, the profits of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises above designated size in my country increased by 25.6% year-on-year – the policy has really added impetus to enterprises

Last year, the profits of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 25.6% year-on-year

Policies really give power to enterprises

“A small fuse may be able to solve the big problem of the operation of the entire equipment.” Not long ago, an offline matchmaking meeting attracted the participation of Baowu, BMW, Shanghai Electric and dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises. Since 2018, the Shanghai Small and Medium Enterprise Development Service Center has held nearly 10 exchanges every year for large and medium-sized enterprises like this, with over 500 small and medium-sized enterprises participating, and a series of industry problems have been solved.

“We received new orders through the exchange and display platform for large and medium-sized enterprises built by the municipal government, which is too friendly for our small and medium-sized enterprises to expand the market.” Yu Xiaobo, founder of Beijing Rongxin Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said that the small and medium-sized enterprises launched by Beijing Public services are in line with actual needs, helping enterprises to increase their confidence in development. This year, the company will further consolidate its technology, and it is expected that the annual revenue will increase by about 80%.

Promote the realization of more efficient and convenient connection between large and medium-sized enterprises in the aspects of industrial chain supply chain, collaborative innovation, etc., and promote the cultivation of more specialized, special, and new “little giant” small and medium-sized enterprises through integrated development… In the promotion of a series of supporting policies In 2021, the operating income and total profit of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises above designated size in my country will increase by 19.9% ​​and 25.6% year-on-year respectively; the average growth rate in the past two years is 9.9% and 16.8% respectively, and the growth rate is higher than that in 2019. Vitality fully manifested.

Optimize the development environment and stimulate the endogenous development momentum of SMEs

Just after the Spring Festival, the production line of energy-saving film on the exterior of architectural glass of Nalinwei Nano Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is very busy. “Before the festival, the company received an order for energy-saving film for 20,000 square meters of building glass curtain walls in the South China Center of a large Internet company. As planned, the project will be installed in March. The company is working overtime to deliver the order on time.” Chairman of the company Shaolin said.

As one of the first batch of specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the PET functional optical film independently developed by Nalinwei has broken the long-term monopoly of enterprises in Japan, South Korea, the United States and other places, and occupies an important position in the segmented automotive solar film field. Nearly 20% of the global market share, the newly developed energy-saving film for building exteriors also achieved mass production last year.

“The energy-saving film is attached to the glass curtain wall, and the energy-saving ratio of air conditioners in summer can reach up to 36.1%. However, because it is a new domestic product that realizes import substitution, the market popularity is not high. Promotion and publicity.” Xiao Lin said that the company’s planning department is working intensively on the display design, and the products will be able to enter the museum in March.

The orange-red bridge crane runs automatically, slowly lifting a 40-foot container from the giant ship, smoothly crossing the ship’s side, and landing firmly on the blue self-driving new energy collection card. Start, accelerate, turn… The truck automatically travels to the designated position in the yard, and the gantry crane automatically grabs it, accurately and smoothly placing the container on the designated yard position.

On January 20, my country’s first full-process intelligent transformation project of traditional container terminals ushered in trial production at Xiamen Port Hairun Container Terminal. The use of unmanned transport capacity to connect all aspects of the production and operation of the entire terminal is inseparable from the self-driving new energy truck and unmanned vehicle management system developed by Shanghai Xijing Information Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized and new “little giant” enterprise.

“It is possible to launch the world’s first unmanned pickup truck for port operations, the world’s first self-driving unmanned straddle carrier, the world’s first full-time unmanned electric heavy-duty truck, and the world’s first cross-scenario unmanned truck in just 6 years. The human-driven heavy-duty mobile platform benefits from the company’s scientific research team, which is mainly composed of returnee students majoring in artificial intelligence, and is inseparable from the attraction of Shanghai to build a talent highland.” said Tan Limin, founder and CEO of Xijing Technology.

Just after the Spring Festival, Cai Wenyang, an engineer of Xijing Technology, led the company’s algorithm team and invested in the construction of the intelligent security platform in the port area. After graduating from the machine learning major of Imperial College London, he joined the Xijing R&D team when he returned to China. In 2018, he enjoyed a monthly rental subsidy of 1,200 yuan for talents in Changning District, Shanghai. From 2020, the subsidy will rise to 1,600 yuan per month. “The subsidy not only reduces the living cost of young talents, but also makes us feel the temperature of Shanghai and Changning.” Cai Wenyang said.

“In response to the difficulty of talent settlement, which is highly concerned by small and medium-sized enterprises, we have included specialized, special, and new ‘little giant’ enterprises into the city’s list of key institutions for talent introduction, and qualified talents can be quickly and directly settled.” The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology introduced. , In addition, Shanghai has perfected the SME service commissioner mechanism. At present, there are 6,257 SME service commissioners, covering more than 93,000 enterprises. Deepen the function of enterprise service cloud, build a platform of “Policies Benefiting Enterprises through One Window” on the cloud, regularly publish “Shanghai Enterprise Policy Updates”, a total of 8,837 policies benefiting enterprises have been released, policy information has been pushed more than 15 million times, and 994,000 service orders have been completed. , 18,000 service products, 772 stores, and over 80,000 requests.

“The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working with relevant departments to resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, insist on both bailouts and training, and promote the stable and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises.” Xu Xiaolan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the competent departments of small and medium-sized enterprises should continue to optimize The development environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, improve policies and measures, and strengthen public services. In particular, it is necessary to further increase the propaganda of favorable policies for enterprises, give full play to the role of public service demonstration platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the targeted drip irrigation of small and medium-sized enterprises with favorable policies to ensure that the favorable policies are enjoyed by enterprises. Enjoy and help small and medium-sized enterprises solve their difficulties.

Unblock the blocking points, eliminate the pain points, help small and medium-sized enterprises to go out steadily and continue to expand the domestic market

“Buzzing”, the signal indicator flashes, and the thin aluminum strips immediately turn into tubes through the automatic high-frequency welding tube making machine. Under the precise cooperation of intelligent robots, stamping, assembly and press-fitting are carried out in one go, and one car radiator file is rolled off the production line.

In the early spring, in the workshop of Guangzhou Panyu Farada Automobile Radiator Co., Ltd., the equipment was producing at full capacity. “Affected by the overseas epidemic, the company has begun to switch to the domestic market since last year.” Lin Li, the company’s department manager, said that the domestic automobile supporting market demand is vast, and the proportion of domestic sales will further expand this year.

Export to domestic sales, how to “transfer” is the key. “The domestic market is relatively late, the channels are unfamiliar, and the brand is not resonant. It has become a challenge.” Lin Li told reporters that thanks to the production and sales matchmaking meeting provided by the government departments, the company gradually entered the supply chain of some domestic customers and opened up the market. situation. “The new water-cooled plate radiator product production line for the domestic new energy vehicle market is expected to be put into use in June this year, which will become a key step in deepening the domestic market.”

While dredging domestic demand, we must continue to make efforts in the international market. By introducing new technologies such as 5G and blockchain, Guangdong Zhuozhi Cross-border E-commerce Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd. has opened up multiple foreign trade service links such as customs clearance, warehousing, customs clearance, and logistics, and provided cross-border logistics service products for small and medium-sized enterprises, greatly reducing the cost of Trade costs, shorten the trade process.

The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that by accelerating the application and promotion of the port charging and service information release system, at present, the overall customs clearance time in Guangdong Province is 9.02 hours for imports and 1.01 hours for exports, which are 77.7% and 92.9% lower than in 2017 respectively. “This year, SMEs will be encouraged to build overseas warehouses in countries and regions along the ‘Belt and Road’ to ensure the smooth operation of the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain.”

“Container backlog and rising shipping costs are the main problems restricting SMEs from going global,” said Fan Yinghui, director of the International Cooperation Office of the China SME Development Promotion Center. In response to the transportation needs of SMEs going global, relevant departments have opened a number of new service lines , to coordinate COSCO SHIPPING’s active services, while satisfying the transportation services for small and medium-sized cargo owners and enterprises, while relieving the pressure of rising costs.

Alleviate financing difficulties and high financing costs, and promote SMEs to stabilize production, maintain orders, and strengthen R&D

“The loan of 10 million yuan was approved in less than half a day, and the money was withdrawn smoothly.” Recently, a sum of money from the “Science and Technology E-loan” of the Anhui Branch of the Bank of Communications solved the urgent need for Anhui Junyi Metal Technology Co., Ltd. to purchase raw materials. .

As a specialized and special new “little giant” enterprise engaged in high-end metal zippers and equipment, the pace of development of Junyi Metal has accelerated in the past two years, and the demand for funds has become more and more urgent. “The existing assets have been mortgaged for financing, and there is a big gap in the expansion funds.” The person in charge of the company said that the “Technology E-Loan” adopts a credit counter-guarantee model, does not set up asset mortgage measures, and has rapid online approval, which not only meets the requirements of the beginning of the year Production needs, but also boosted the confidence in development.

The smooth flow of funds is not only a “timely rain” for small and medium-sized enterprises to expand the market, but also a “booster” for strong R&D.

“The investment in research and development is high, and financial security has become a problem.” As a manufacturer of special power systems, Hefei Bolei Electric Co., Ltd. received a new order not long ago. The customer put forward new requirements for product indicators, which required a lot of investment. Funding and people for technological breakthroughs. Hang Wenxin, deputy general manager of the company, told reporters that through government financing guarantees and subsidies, the company’s financing costs have been significantly reduced, and the company has more confidence in research and development.

“Benefiting from the continued high demand for import substitution, the company’s revenue has grown rapidly. At present, the contracted order volume has exceeded 40 million yuan.” Hang Wenxin said that this year will continue to tackle technical problems and cultivate new growth points for development and growth.

In Anhui, investment-loan linkage and multi-party collaboration are becoming an important engine for the steady growth of specialized, specialized, and new SMEs. In terms of investment, up to now, the Anhui Small and Medium Enterprises (Specialized, Specialized, Specialized and New) Development Fund has invested in 79 provincial-level specialized, specialized, and new enterprises, with an investment amount of 2.252 billion yuan. The cooperative banks have issued new special credits of 539.25 billion yuan, serving a total of 230,000 small, medium and micro enterprises.

“The difficulty of initial loan, high financing cost, and difficulty in medium and long-term loans will lead to the shortage of funds for small and medium-sized enterprises and affect the innovation and development of enterprises.” said Yang Dongri, director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Research Institute of CCID Research Institute. With measures such as loan extension support and improving the convenience of supply chain financing, since last year, the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises has generally maintained a good trend of increasing volume, expanding coverage and decreasing prices.

Data show that as of the end of December 2021, the balance of inclusive small and micro loans was 19.22 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.3%, 15.7 percentage points higher than the growth rate of various loans, and the number of inclusive small and micro credit customers exceeded 44 million.

Alleviating the financing problems of SMEs, more dividends are on the way. It is understood that this year, the People’s Bank of China will provide incentive funds to qualified local corporate banks at 1% of the incremental balance of inclusive small and micro loans; qualified local corporate banks will issue inclusive small and micro credit loans and can apply to the People’s Bank of China Loan concessional capital support. (Reporter Wang Zheng and Han Xin)

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