Latest News and Rumors: Harry Kane’s Future and FC Bayern Munich’s Pursuit

2023-07-31 14:45:00

Harry Kane apparently doesn’t see his future in Tottenham. His contract in London runs until 2024 – only then would the English striker be free. But several top clubs are already vying for Kane, including FC Bayern Munich. All news, rumors and developments in the news ticker.

Harry Kane is one of the most desirable strikers in Europe. The Englishman apparently does not want to extend his contract with Tottenham Hotspur. A change is therefore only a matter of time.

FC Bayern Munich is trying to get the attacker, but he would not be free until 2024. ran summarizes the most important news, rumors and developments relating to Harry Kane in the live ticker.

+++ July 31, 11:20 a.m .: Bayern bosses on their way to London +++

Bayern bosses Marco Neppe and Jan-Christian Dreesen left for London on Monday morning, probably to negotiate with Tottenham boss Daniel Levy about Harry Kane.

“Sky” pictures show the arrival of the technical director Neppe at the airport in Oberpfaffenhofen.

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Cameras from “Bild” also captured the departure of the Bayern delegation’s machine.

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+++ July 31, 9:35 a.m .: Before meeting – expert sees “decisive hours”

Transfer insider Fabrizio Romano sees the poker to peak Harry Kane.

The Italian wrote on Twitter that the negotiations were “decisive hours”.

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According to “Bild”, the representatives of FC Bayern are meeting with Tottenham boss Daniel Levy today and are probably ready to go beyond their recent offer of 80 million euros, as reported by Romano.

+++ July 28, 4:42 p.m .: meeting with Bayern bosses in London postponed +++

The meeting between the bosses of FC Bayern Munich and those responsible for Tottenham Hotspur around Daniel Levy has been postponed. This was reported by several media unanimously.

CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and technical director Marco Neppe were originally supposed to fly to London in the morning to clarify further poker details about Harry Kane. However, the appointment was postponed at short notice to the beginning of next week.

The exact reasons for this are not known. It was recently reported that Tottenham are demanding the equivalent of around 116 million euros for the striker. Some media even wrote about the player’s commitment to FC Bayern.

According to the “Daily Telegraph” it is even possible that Munich could agree to a special buyback clause to fix the deal. Then Kane could return home at the end of his career.

+++ July 28, 10:08 a.m .: PSG apparently wants to outdo Bayern +++

Paris Saint-Germain apparently does not want to give up their courtship for Harry Kane – quite the opposite.

According to the “Guardian”, PSG are still determined to get the striker and outsmart Bayern. The French champions are ready to outbid any offer from Bayern.

However, this seems to be an undertaking with no chance of success. Because Kane is said to have long since decided to move to Munich. Now it’s all about the transfer between Bayern and Tottenham.

+++ July 27, 5:15 p.m .: Bayern bosses for further negotiations in London +++

Next round of Harry Kane poker!

As reported by “Bild”, technical director Marco Neppe and CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen will travel to London on Friday for further negotiations with Tottenham boss Daniel Levy.

Due to the transfer commitments, which still include Yann Sommer, both Munich managers did not take part in the Asia trip with the rest of the team and stayed in Munich.

The report goes on to say that with another offer of less than 100 million euros, Munich will probably have no prospect of reaching an agreement on the transfer of the star striker. According to “Kicker”, the record champion should now be ready to pay a three-digit million amount for Kane’s change.

+++ July 27, 10:15 a.m .: Bavaria apparently wants to accommodate Spurs even further +++

In the struggle for Harry Kane, Bayern are apparently ready to dig even deeper into their pockets. As the “kicker” reports, the record champions would pay more than 100 million euros for the English national striker “if necessary”.

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For a long time, this sum was considered the absolute pain limit for Bayern.

The management team around President Herbert Hainer and CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen is therefore aware that it will be an expensive affair. But since Kane is the absolute dream player, you will have the necessary patience and the small change, it is said.

That also applies, although Kane will soon be 30 years old and is no longer one of the youngest strikers on the market.

+++ July 25, 9 p.m.: Hainer talks about Kane +++

FC Bayern continues to work on a commitment from Harry Kane. Bayern President Herbert Hainer emphasized during the Munich trip to Asia that the Tottenham attacker fits exactly into the record champions’ prey scheme.

“Harry Kane is definitely a highly attractive player, captain of the English national team, top scorer. In that respect, that would be good for us and the Bundesliga, no question about it,” said Hainer.

Because Bayern also think outside the box when it comes to a transfer like Kane’s: “FC Bayern always tries to get international stars to make us better as a team, but of course also to make the Bundesliga better and make it more attractive to the outside world.”

He believes that the Bundesliga as a whole doesn’t have that many international stars anymore, said Hainer. This makes a large negative contribution to how the best German league “markets itself to the outside world.”

+++ July 25, 8:32 a.m .: PSG continues to dig at Kane +++

Although Harry Kane has reportedly made it clear that he only wants to join Bayern Munich, rumors about other clubs continue to circulate.

As “RMC Sport” reports, Paris St. Germain is continuing to work on signing the English international. Accordingly, owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi is “optimistic” about the transfer.

After Kylian Mbappe is apparently facing a change, the French would have a vacancy in the striker.

+++ July 24, 8:36 a.m .: Spurs owner probably rules out free transfer Kane change +++

FC Bayern Munich is apparently getting help in courting Harry Kane – from Tottenham Hotspur himself, of all things. As the “Telegraph” reports, Spurs owner Joe Lewis has made it clear to CEO Daniel Levy that a free transfer change for the striker is not an option in the coming year is.

If the report is correct, Levy’s negotiating position, which has so far remained tough, has deteriorated significantly. Kane’s contract expires in 2024 and he has reportedly ruled out an extension. So far it has been considered quite possible that Levy Kane will not sell and the captain will only be allowed to leave next year. After the announcement of his boss this would be obsolete.

According to the Telegraph, Tottenham estimate Kane’s value at at least 100 million pounds, the equivalent of 115 million euros. It is currently questionable whether Bayern would actually pay such a sum.

+++ July 23, 2:27 p.m .: Bavaria is apparently planning a long Kane contract +++

Harry Kane turns 30 next week. But the Bayern rule of offering 30+ year old players from their own squad a maximum contract extension of one year does not apply to possible star access.

According to “Sport Bild”, FC Bayern even plans to offer the Englishman a four-year contract. According to the report, he is also said to earn more than 20 million euros, which would immediately make him one of the top earners, like Sadio Mane after his move last year.

Bayern have promised Kane’s brother and father, who advise the striker, a long-term contract in the negotiations so far, the report continues. The contract could therefore possibly even have a term of five years.

+++ July 23, 9:20 a.m .: FC Bayern apparently with a pain limit in Kane Poker +++

According to the English “Times”, FC Bayern is currently preparing a third offer for Harry Kane, the German record champions are apparently not ready to meet Tottenham’s transfer fee of 115 million euros.

“100 million, that’s the end of it at some point. I think that the transfer will go under 100 million in the end,” said “Sport1” reporter Kerry Hau about the alleged pain limit of Munich.

This attitude is also the case because Kane’s contract in England expires next year and the player Bayern is said to have already promised to wait until 2024 if necessary and then move to Munich free of charge.

+++ July 22, 10:25 a.m .: Next attempt: Bavaria is probably preparing the third Kane offer +++

FC Bayern is probably preparing the next attempt in courting striker Harry Kane. The British “Times” reports that the record champions are planning to put a third offer on the table for the 29-year-old. Accordingly, the offer should be received by Tottenham Hotspur when the Premier League club is back from its preparatory tour. The Spurs are currently traveling through Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

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According to the report, Tottenham are envisioning 115million for the attacker. An amount that the latest FCB offer should not cover either. The second offer is said to have been 80 million plus bonuses.

+++ July 21, 2:35 p.m .: Kane future: Spurs coach is pushing for an early decision +++

Team manager Ange Postecoglou from the top English club Tottenham Hotspur wishes for an early decision in the Harry Kane transfer saga. “I’m not relaxed,” said the Spurs coach, shaking his head on the trip to Asia, about the situation of the striker, who is at the top of Bayern’s transfer list.

Kane is “a very important part of this football club, not just the team. He’s such a huge figure,” said the Australian. Whenever he goes before the press, the first thing he is asked about is Kane, he complained. “You have to deal with that first. But it would be better for everyone involved if we didn’t have to do it for too long. That’s good for nobody – not for Harry, not for the club,” emphasized Postecoglou.

On the other hand, he doesn’t want to “put an ultimatum” to Kane. That would only unnecessarily increase the pressure on the Munich player. Kane, Postecoglou pointed out, still has a year’s contract with Spurs. “Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone is interested in it taking too long,” added the coach in relation to the decision on a possible sale or extension.

+++ July 21, 7:13 a.m .: Tottenham apparently on possible Kane successor +++

Although Tottenham are still trying to keep Harry Kane, the north Londoners are probably already looking for a replacement behind the scenes.

Spurs seem to have their eye on Arthur Cabral from Fiorentina. This is reported by the “Daily Mail”.

The 25-year-old Brazilian has scored 19 goals in 64 games for Fiorentina. His contract with the Italian club runs until 2026.

+++ July 20, 5:56 p.m.: Kane apparently refuses to extend his contract at Tottenham +++

Harry Kane apparently categorically rules out a contract extension at Tottenham Hotspur. The Times reports.

Accordingly, he also rejected the most recent offer of a weekly salary equivalent to almost 350,000 euros and was not prepared to accept another offer from his current club. His current contract expires next year.

This could increase the pressure on Spurs boss Daniel Levy to sell his star attacker this summer.

According to media reports, Bayern have made two offers for the soon to be 30-year-old, most recently a transfer fee of 80 million euros plus possible bonus payments.

+++ July 20, 7:23 a.m .: Spurs boss probably angry about Hoeneß statements +++

As the “Bild” reports, Uli Hoeneß’s bold statements about Harry Kane are said not to have been well received by his still-club Tottenham Hotspur. Especially not with managing director Daniel Levy, who also conducts the negotiations.

Accordingly, the 61-year-old does not allow himself to be put under pressure and, as a result of the Hoeneß statements, will remain rigid in his demand for a fee of over 100 million euros for the star striker.

Levy is considered a tough negotiator in business. According to ran information, Hoeneß was very angry about how his statements regarding the Kane transfer were interpreted in the media.

+++ July 18, 8:20 p.m .: Bayern want to smooth waves after Hoeneß advance +++

After the ill-considered push by Honorary President Uli Hoeneß in the transfer race for Tottenham star Harry Kane, the Bayern bosses apparently want to calm things down so as not to jeopardize the desired change.

As the “Bild” reports, Bayern’s new CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen phoned Spurs boss Daniel Levy on Monday, who is currently with the team in Australia.

Dreesen also wants to maintain the good contact that was made at the joint meeting with Bayern’s squad planner Marco Neppe in London in the past few weeks.

“So far it’s been that Harry has clearly signaled in all talks that his decision stands. And if it stays, we’ll get him. Because then Tottenham will have to buckle, because a club like that will reach 80, 90 million – or something many will be too – cannot do without”, Hoeneß explained on Saturday during the training camp in Rottach-Egern.

Before the mentioned phone call, Dreesen had said: “If you treat each other in a friendly way, you get the best results.”

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Probably also a tip against Hoeneß, who, according to the report, is said to have been crushed by the effect of his statements, which apparently caused Levy’s displeasure.

+++ July 18, 2:24 p.m .: Spurs lose their first friendly: Kane as captain in the starting XI +++

Tottenham Hotspur have played their first pre-season friendly. In Perth, Australia, the Spurs met league rivals West Ham United with German international Thilo Kehrer.

Harry Kane was in the starting XI and was captain. At the break, the new Spurs coach Ange Postecoglou exchanged almost the entire eleven, including Kane. Tottenham ended up losing 3-2.

+++ July 18, 9:52 a.m .: Can Kane change for a free transfer? +++

Could Harry Kane’s alternating theater end very differently? As the “Sport Bild” reports, FC Bayern should want to continue digging at Kane this summer even if the negotiations fail.

Accordingly, the bosses are even ready to wait another year for the captain of the England national team and sign him in 2024 on a free transfer. Kane’s contract expires next summer and an extension is currently not in the offing.

+++ July 17, 6:40 a.m.: Kane change: The transfer should be complete by then +++

After Uli Hoeneß’s clear statements about Harry Kane, many Bayern fans are wondering when and for how much money the striker will move from Tottenham to the Isar. According to “Bild”, those responsible at the record champions hope that they can crack Spurs boss Levy, who is considered a tough negotiator, by the end of July.

The fact that the striker is already on the FCB Asia tour is not expected on Säbener Straße. Munich will be in Japan and Singapore from July 24th to August 3rd.

In terms of transfer, there is at least 80 million euros in the room, but the Premier League club probably wants to cash in in the three-digit range.

+++ July 15, 8:45 p.m .: Hoeneß: If it stays that way, “then we’ll get Kane” +++

Uli Hoeneß is extremely optimistic in the struggle for Harry Kane. “He has clearly signaled in all conversations that his decision stands. And if it stays, then we’ll get him,” said the honorary president on Saturday on the sidelines of the first unit in the training camp at Tegernsee. “Then Tottenham will have to buckle.”

The English international striker from Tottenham Hotspur “would like to play internationally,” stressed Hoeneß. “Tottenham won’t be active there next season – unlike our club. He now has another opportunity to come to a top club in Europe.”

However, the negotiations turned out to be complicated. Spurs boss Daniel Levy is “clever. We have to get him to call a number first. He plays for time, is a savvy professional. I appreciate him very much. But on the other hand there are no people who do that since yesterday.”

No one can expect to complete such a transfer “in a week”. The advisory side, Kane’s father and brother, is very pleasant, Hoeneß emphasized: “They always stood by what they said.”

+++ July 13, 9:38 a.m .: New details on the secret meeting of the bosses +++

After the “Bild” report on a secret meeting between the club management of FC Bayern and Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, there are new reports with details of the meeting.

According to “Sky”, the aim of the Munich team was, among other things, a show of respect for Tottenham President Daniel Levy. The American is considered a difficult negotiating partner.

Harry Kane, the reason for the meeting, is said to have been informed about the visit of the Bayern bosses. A breakthrough is said not to have taken place, but the negotiations are said to be moving in the right direction.

+++ July 13, 9:23 p.m.: secret meeting in London because of Kane +++

The flirt between FC Bayern and Tottenham Hotspur because of Harry Kane is getting hotter. According to a report by “Bild”, the bosses of both clubs met on Thursday for a secret meeting in London to negotiate the striker.

Spurs boss Daniel Levy is said to have leaned against an offer of a rumored transfer fee of 80 million euros, so the 61-year-old still demands at least 100 million.

There is said to have been no breakthrough at the meeting, but Bayern are optimistic that Kane will be brought to Munich this summer.

The personal details of David should only become concrete when there is actually a Kane transfer. As of now, Spurs coach Ance Postecoglou wants to convince the English striker to stay.

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