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2023-09-27 01:28:32

The Tokyo Stock Exchange was in sharp decline on the morning of Wednesday, September 27, marked like Wall Street the day before by risk aversion in the face of the bleak outlook for the global economy and the tension on bond rates, particularly in the United States. . The flagship Nikkei index lost 0.92% to 32,017.39 points around 01:00 GMT and the broader Topix index lost 0.77% to 2,353.77 points.

The New York Stock Exchange, like other Western markets, ended in the red on Tuesday, worried about the desire of the American Central Bank (Fed) to maintain its key rates higher for longer than anticipated by the markets, which is causing prices to jump. yields. “Investors continue to question the consequences of a prolonged period of high interest rates and the potential economic fallout”and this week favor the “cut and run”, consisting of selling its assets quickly in order to limit its losses, commented Stephen Innes in a note from SPI Asset Management.

Oil on the rise

The yen, which fell to a new eleven-month low against the dollar on Tuesday, remained weak at 149.05 yen per dollar around 01:00 GMT compared to 149.07 yen on Tuesday at 21:00 GMT. The Japanese currency, however, regained some ground against the euro, which was trading for 157.40 yen against 157.60 yen the day before. And the European currency was trading at 1.0560 dollars against 1.0572 dollars on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. GMT.

The oil market was progressing: around 00:50 GMT the barrel of WTI gained 0.3% to $90.66 and the barrel of Brent from the North Sea gained 0.33% to $94.27.

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