Latest news house 2 for today October 25, 2023

2023-10-24 21:01:38

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today October 25, 2023:

Elina Rakhimova and Ivan Barzikov will have a trip to the water park, where Elina will try to charm Ivan, because she has liked him for a long time, but is constantly busy with other girls. Rakhimova found a husband for the “Best Wife” competition?

As part of the competition, Tigran Salibekov and Victoria Lyskovets hosted a Caucasian meeting for the guests in their room. The group “Assorted” came to them. Liza Subbotina, who competes with the Salibekovs, was able to communicate with singer Vlad Zotov and showed him Alexey Bezus’s room.

Ivan Barzikov is learning to travel with his pet Leo, for whom he bought a special backpack to travel on a scooter


Joseph Oganesyan and Sasha Cherno cheerfully celebrated the birthday of their relative and nanny Tatyana Shcherbakova. We are waiting for news from the party, who will Alexandra fall in love with this time?

Ksenia Borodina is still listed as the host of House 2, but there will be interesting news on this topic soon. Is it really about Nelly Ermolaeva’s pregnancy?

Liza Polygalova is relaxing in Dubai in the company of her wealthy friend and showed fans an announcement for the “Jordans” video.

Olga Buzova became the host of the new reality show “The Emperor’s Treasures.” Together with comedian Mikhail Galustyan, the singer will help participants cope with trials in China and compete for a prize of 14 million rubles.

Latest news house 2 from for today 10.25.2023 – Rumors have appeared on the network that Elina Rakhimova is interning for the position of TV presenter. Will Andrei Cherkasov have good company?

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