Latest news house 2 for today October 27, 2023

2023-10-26 21:01:27

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today October 27, 2023:

Nadezhda Ermakova and Daniel Chistov separated due to the fact that Nadya blames herself for her husband’s health problems. Daniel decided to live with his parents in Kazan, his eye situation is worsening and he needs a break in the relationship for Ermakova to calm down. If Chistov recovers while separated from Ermakova, will he have to get a divorce?

Rumors have appeared online that former House 2 participant Alena Savkina will soon become a mother for the third time, but her chosen one Alexander Smurov is not going to propose.

Philip Kirkorov takes part in the reality show “The Emperor’s Treasures,” hosted by Olga Buzova. It also turned out that along with Kirkorov, Buzova’s ex-fiance Dava flew to the shooting and is looking for treasures in China.

Tigran Salibekov told Victoria Lyskovets that in a family a man is allowed to look at different girls, but a woman needs to be decent and think only about her husband and children. Victoria Lyskovets, in revenge, announced her desire to raise her son in the future in other traditions, so that he would have one love for the rest of his life. Ivan Barzikov spoke about injustice during the fourth round of the “Best Wife” competition. Various guests were called to the girls who prepared the food and cleaned the rooms. Some were visited by children, others by a musical group, and a negative guest came to Sasha Bakhlaeva. Cristina Bukhynbalte took her guest to the chalet and ordered food from the restaurant, and she herself cooked only “Moldavian soup” with kvass. Are the restaurant cooks and TV set cleaners also taking part in the competition? Alexandra Bakhlaeva fights off haters by showing them her certificates and talking about her life achievements. Sasha doesn’t see any rivals for himself at House 2. Rumors have appeared online that the girl will be sent home on Friday in a vote against the newcomers.

Alexey Bezus went to Gubkin to visit Tatyana Repina to see his daughter Athena. At this time, Lisa Subbotina moved her things and the cat into Lyosha’s room and decided to paint the entire room pink so that it would be only her home and Bezus would not want to share the territory with her. Latest news from House 2 from for today 10/27/2023 – Elina Rakhimova has a week to communicate with Igor Grigoriev as part of House 2. Will a new couple appear on the project? Will Rakhimova have the patience to show only the good side of herself to a potential boyfriend?

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