Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry’s Clarification on Her London Detention: Exclusive Live Broadcast and Updates

2023-09-27 11:30:00

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Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023 18:30 IWST


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Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry alias Lolly opens her voice regarding the news regarding her being detained by the police in London.

He provided clarification via a live TikTok broadcast.

Initially, he talked about his new residence where he was no longer with Mami Eda.

While eating food, Nikita Mirzani’s eldest child said he left Mami Eda’s house well.

Lolly also emphasized that she left Mami Eda’s house without being expelled but of her own accord.

“I now live alone because I don’t have to burden other people. So I don’t have any more problems. So if I want to go anywhere, what do I do, I’m freer. It’s a pity that Eda can’t live her life in peace,” said Lolly, quoted from detikcom.

“So I ask you to help, don’t badmouth Eda. Eda and I are still friends, don’t be mean to people,” he continued.

The 16 year old girl added that she now lives in a boarding house inhabited by four to five women.

There are also guards who closely monitor the boarding house where Lolly lives.

Apart from talking about the reason he left Mami Eda’s house, Lolly explained the news that he had been detained by the London police.

“Yesterday, that’s why I was at the police station, not because I got into trouble. Yesterday Eda reported me to the police as a missing person,” he explained.

“Maybe Eda is worried or something. Yesterday I was at the police station usually checking whether I was safe here, who I was here with, my details were checked. At the police station they just checked, what’s their name, how old, what person, the police just wanted to I don’t know if I’m safe or not,” he concluded.

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However, Lolly was confused when she was reported as a missing person because she admitted that she still had contact with Mami Eda after leaving her house.

Meanwhile, Nikita Mirzani gave a relaxed reaction when she received a message regarding her daughter being detained by the London police.

“In the end he asked me for help. Then I wanted to help him. It’s okay if I was called a bad mother this time. Hopefully it can be a lesson for all children who are just about to grow up. Don’t pretend if you can’t do it yet “It’s okay. Greetings,” concluded Nikita Mirzani.


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