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Tragic news has shocked the world of social networks. Inessa Polenko, a well-known 39-year-old Russian influencer, lost her life while trying to capture the perfect selfie on a cliff. The incident occurred in the town of Gragy, in the state of Georgia, United States.

According to a report by The Sunthe travel and lifestyle influencer ignored safety warnings and crossed a barrier that prohibited access to the most dangerous areas of the cliff.

Without imagining the tragic consequences, Polenka continued on his way in search of the ideal angle for your selfie.

Unfortunately, the Russian lost her balance and fell from a height of approximately fifty meters, suffering serious injuries that cost her her life.

Although emergency teams arrived quickly and took her to the nearest hospital, their efforts were in vain and the influencer died a few hours later.

The news of her tragic death has generated a great commotion on social networks, where the Russian influencer had a large base of followers.

Who was Inessa?

Inessa Polenko was a cosmetics, beauty and lifestyle expert. In addition to her work as a content creator on social networks, the influencer also worked as a beautician in Moscow, her hometown.

His passion for travel and his desire to discover new countries and cultures was reflected in his Instagram profile, where he shared photographs of his experiences in places such as Egypt, Crimea and Dubai.

This tragic death once again highlights the dangers associated with searching for ”the perfect photo” for social media.

Although efforts have been made to raise awareness about the risks and measures such as the creation of “no selfie zones” lists have been proposed, some influencers continue to risk their lives in search of popularity and recognition online.

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