Laura Prieto affirmed that Luis Miguel asked her out: she deleted the message

In a new chapter of “Let’s keep going” the former girl Yingo was invited, Laura Prieto, who confessed to a strong flirtation that the famous singer received Luis Miguel in one of his recitals in Santiago.

As reported on the program, she “was like 18, 19 years old” when she attended a concert by the singer at the National Stadium with her son’s father, in the front row. It was there when Luis Miguel started flirting with her.

“Suddenly Luis Miguel starts to keep an eye on me. I kind of danced to him, he sang to him. Suddenly, the fans started to say to me, ‘Get ahead, get ahead,’ and they pushed me forward. And there Luis Miguel gave me a rose “, he pointed.

“There the fans told me that when he likes a girl at a concert, he goes and gives her a rose,” he explained.

And it seems that the fans were right, since then the singer decided ask for the phone number.

“Suddenly, a security (guard) from Luis Miguel approaches me and says: ‘Give me your phone‘”Said Prieto, who did not pay much attention to the request.

Message deleted

It seems that Luis Miguel is quite insistent with the women that attract him, because after the recital, Laura Prieto even received voicemail requests:

“I get to my house and I see a message, a message. And I had a voice message from Luis Miguel inviting me to Viña “, he exclaimed, adding that later it “was erased”

“And my daughter’s father, when I told him: ‘Luis Miguel is calling me.’ Indignant. He took me to the door of the Sheraton (hotel). He said, ‘You have to go, you have to go. Come one please'”, said the former Calle 7.

Incredibly, Prieto deleted the message. “I was erased“, said.

“You cannot delete a message from Luis Miguel“Said the other guest of the program, Yamila Reyna.

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