Lawyer brutally beaten in Nadu Road, kicked in stomach: Arrest – Video | Woman Attacked | Karnataka

Bangalore: A man has been arrested for brutally beating a woman on Nadu Road while people were watching. The incident took place at Vinayak Nagar in Bagalkot district of Karnataka on Saturday afternoon. Sangeetha, a lawyer, was brutally beaten and trampled by her neighbor, Mahantesh.

It is clear from the video that Mahantesh is attacking the woman with great anger. He is trampling on the stomach of the musician who has fallen backwards with the force of the continuous blow on his face. He tried to defend the music with a plastic chair, but the assailant was seen kicking and punching him in the stomach again in the video.

There were several people nearby but no one responded or came forward to help the woman. According to police, Mahantesh attacked Sangeetha out of personal animosity related to a civil case. Mahantesh alleged that the lawyer had mentally abused him. Police said there had been an altercation between the two earlier.

English Summary :Lawyer Kicked, Slapped On Road In Karnataka. No One Comes To Help Her

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