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Le XMP version Zen 4 s’appellera AMD RAMP

AMD RAMP technology is a DDR5 acceleration setting similar to Intel’s XMP. AMD RAMP technology is expected to launch with the AM5 platform and will accelerate DDR5 memory beyond JEDEC specifications, following the same specifications as what XMP does on Intel platforms.

AMD RAMP = Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile

It is the developer of HWiNFO who have confirmed that AMD will bring RAMP support with its Ryzen 7000 (Zen 4) desktop processors which will be coming to the new AM5 motherboards simultaneously. According to him, RAMP technology will allow memory and motherboard manufacturers to collaborate for the performance of RAM on their respective products. RAMP would also allow AMD Ryzen processors to catch up with DDR5 speeds currently supported by Alder Lake. We also know that the next Raptor Lake, which is expected around the same time as AMD’s Zen 4 chips, should also benefit from an increase in performance from DDR5.

The new Zen 4 architecture is expected to save up to 25% on the IPC compared to Zen 3 and would reach clock speeds of around 5 GHz. The use of DDR5 will be an important issue for AMD. Intel is wiping the plaster on the subject a bit since for the moment the gain provided by the first DDR5 kits is not really dazzling in view of the price difference with DDR4.

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