League 1 | Jair Céspedes, captain of Deportivo Municipal, recounts a dramatic moment: “A player had to pay S/1,200 for breakfast because the club didn’t do it” | Sports

Municipal marches in the tenth place of League 1. Photo: composition GLR/GolPerú/Liga 1

Municipal Sports Got a important 2-0 victory against Unión Comercio at the Iván Elías Moreno stadium. It turns out that the edile club is not going through its best institutional moment, since the administration has debts with the current campus. This situation almost causes the players to decide not to appear in the match; however, they decided to do it out of respect for the club and the fans.

However, after finishing the duel in Villa el Salvador, the captain Jair Cespedes he addressed the media and spoke about the current situation of the campus. The former Sporting Cristal soccer player stated that the managers owe them almost three months of salary.

“On Friday, part of the club’s Commission appeared to inform us that from that day they would assume control of the club and that they would only have to pay us for the month of February, without specifying what would be owed for the month of January and the next March. The squad has listened to him, maintaining our position of not concentrating, but showing up to play out of respect for the club, the fans and our profession.”he declared.

Cristopher Olivares scored a double and gave Municipal the victory. Photo: League 1

“We want them to guarantee us the continuity of our medical insurance that is valid until next Friday, we want working conditions such as the training ground, mobility, hotels, concentration, the payment of the machines for our rehabilitation is deactivated. Today one of the colleagues had to pay 1,200 soles for breakfast from the campus because neither the outgoing administration nor the incoming commission wanted to take charge,” ended.

Municipal in the League 1 table

With the victory against Unión Comercio, Municipal Sports added 10 points and is located in the tenth box of League 1. Those led by Ángel Comizzo have 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw.

When is the next Municipal game?

The next match Municipal Sports It will be against one of the leaders of League 1. Sporting Cristal He will be the next rival of the mayors, who will receive him at the Iván Elías Moreno stadium. The match is agreed for Friday, March 31 from 3:00 p.m.

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