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The “League of Legends” World Series group stage is in full swing. In the evening of yesterday (12), the PCS representative team PSG Talon played against LCK fourth seed Hanwha Life Esports (HLE). .

PSG played in the world as the first seed of PCS this time. Every game became the focus of all PCS players. Although they lost to the third seed RNG of the same group on the first day, they faced the HLE game on the second day. Quickly reorganize the team and win the victory.

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In this game, PSG fell into a disadvantage for a while, but gradually recovered the situation in many battles. With the growth of dual output and Hanabi’s influence in the battle on the road, PSG finally took the Barong and forced the battle to succeed and finally defeated HLE. Reverse and win.

Today’s World Championship will re-launch at 7pm, and PSG is expected to face LEC’s second seed Fnatic.

Today’s schedule

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