Leaks .. iPhone SE may come with a new design similar to the XR

Mac Rammers said that the fourth generation of the iPhone SE will arrive with a new design completely similar to the design of the iPhone XR, according to well-known leaker John Prosser.

The leaker posted this information on his YouTube channel; Pointing out that the new phone will share the same design as the iPhone launched by Apple in 2018, and this is a qualitative leap for the iPhone SE, which appeared for the first time with an unattractive design similar to the iPhone 5S launched by the company in 2013, and the phone continued with a design that lacks gravity even in the second and third generations. to the iPhone 8 released in 2017.

Prosser did not say whether the internal specifications of the device will change and what is new in it, but it is likely that Apple will use some old parts to keep the cost low.

And a Chinese site called My Drivers had said in 2021 that the iPhone SE would move to the iPhone XR design, and it seems that what he said at the time will be achieved during the next year, which is supposed to be a date for the launch of the new device, if Prosser leaks are true.

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