Leaks reveal the prices of the new “Galaxy S22” phones

date of publication:
Jan 24 2022 20:08 GMT

Update date: Jan 24 2022 20:15 GMT

Leaks revealed that the Korean company, “Samsung”, the maker of electronic devices and smartphones, may have a change in the prices of its flagship Galaxy S 22 series phones.

Samsung is scheduled to officially unveil its new lineup of its flagship Galaxy S22 series, at the “Samsung Unpacked” event, which it intends to hold on February 8th.

According to the leaks, published by the German technical site “WinFuture”, it is expected that the European prices for the “Galaxy S22” series will start from 849 euros, equivalent to 1018 US dollars, for the basic models.

The site indicated that the “Galaxy S22 Plus” and “Ultra” models will start at 1,049 euros, equivalent to 1,188 dollars, and 1,249 euros, equivalent to 1,414 dollars, respectively.

And the leaks indicated that the new prices mean that this year the new “Galaxy S 22” lineup from “Samsung” will cost the same as the “S21” last year.

She stated that the company will continue its practice of charging an additional fee of 50 euros for the increase in storage capacity on the basic and “Plus” models.

The leaks also hinted that “Samsung” will offer the “Galaxy S22 Ultra” model at a price similar to its previous brother, “S21 Ultra”, but at a lower value. Meaning that the new phone, which has a value of 1249 euros, will come with 8 GB of RAM, unlike the “Galaxy S21 Ultra”, which was characterized by 12 GB of RAM.

And the leaks stated that consumers in Europe will need to pay an additional 100 euros to get the “S22 Ultra” with 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of internal storage.

All new models of the “Galaxy S22” series will come with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, according to the leaks.

It is not clear whether Samsung will apply the same pricing strategy in the United States, especially since other leaks indicated earlier, in January, that the company may impose an additional fee of $100 on each model in its lineup. Galaxy S22.

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