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The Queen Letizia she always looks splendid in every place she goes on behalf of the Royal familyor at any important public event of Spain where she is invited and accompanied by her husband the rey Felipe VI.

In her makeup kit, the monarch hides several professional tricks that highlight her beauty features through certain known techniques to rejuvenate the look.

Beauty techniques used by Queen Letizia

A Queen Letizia She likes her eyes and lips to always stand out, so she bets first on framing those areas with light tones such as brown or maroon.

However, according to review HelloHer Majesty also likes to embellish the look with a technique called “tightlining”which consists of drawing the water line, both the upper and the lower, with a dark pencil, which leaves a quite fresh and rested effect.

Aside from this, also pay close attention to the corner of the tear duct. This detail enlarges the shape of the eye and intensifies the look.

As for colors, experts recommend the most natural tones, just like King Felipe’s wife does, highlighting her green eyes more than her lips, and in times of mask due to the pandemic, this seems more feasible. Apart from the earthy and reddish tones that always favor him.

In addition to tightlining, brows are very important to any look, which is why Her Highness knows that hers should be styled upwards with a well-defined arch.

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Last but not least, mascara is a must to finish off any eye makeup, and it can be applied in a variety of ways. In this sense, she combs her eyelashes vertically to achieve an opening effect that blends with the rest of the techniques used. (E)

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