Lebanon and Algeria sign two judicial cooperation agreements

2022-02-27 01:19:55|arabic.news.cn

BEIRUT, Feb. 26, 2022 (Xinhua) Lebanon and Algeria on Saturday signed two judicial cooperation agreements in Beirut.

The Lebanese Minister of Justice, Henry El-Khoury, and his Algerian counterpart, Abderrachid Tabbi, signed the two agreements, at the headquarters of the Lebanese Prime Minister, according to the official Lebanese National News Agency.

The first agreement deals with judicial cooperation between the two countries in the penal field, while the second agreement deals with the prosecution of convicts and the extradition of detainees between Lebanon and Algeria.

In a speech after the signing of the two agreements, Al-Khoury considered that “the signing is a fruitful beginning that increases the existing good relations between the two countries,” expressing his hope that “the bilateral agreements will develop for the benefit of the two countries.”

For his part, Tabbi said that the two agreements are “the best mechanism for confronting evasion of criminal accountability, and by signing them, we will have established for our two countries a comprehensive framework that will protect them from criminal threats.”

The Minister of Medicine, who chairs the 37th session of the Council of Arab Justice Ministers in the League of Arab States, is visiting Lebanon to participate in the celebration of the Arab Center for Legal and Judicial Research to announce the winners of the Arab Prize for the best doctoral thesis in legal and judicial sciences in the Arab world./End of News/

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