Lebanon Healthcare Crisis: Addressing Seasonal Viruses and Vaccination Concerns

2023-11-29 13:52:28

“Lebanon Debate”

Dangerous viruses are spreading across the world, causing internal concern about the possibility of them arriving in Lebanon, especially after warnings from the World Health Organization. However, the matter is not limited to these viruses that are transmitted between countries, but rather what the internal conditions have caused is the exacerbation of the spread of seasonal viruses due to the inability of citizens to Receive necessary vaccinations.

In this context, MP and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri said, “There is no doubt that the winter season, in general, is an occasion for the spread of many respiratory viruses that cause infections in the upper respiratory systems, that is, the pharynx, larynx, nose, and bronchi, all the way to the Lung inflammation.

In an interview with “Lebanon Debate,” he said: “These viruses benefit from the cold weather, crowding, and citizen activity inside closed rooms and the ease of their transmission in these climates.”

He added, “Seasonally, there is the seasonal influenza that appears between the month of October and the end of the month of March, and there is what is called the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which infects children in general, but it may infect adults, in addition to the Corona virus, which can also benefit from the winter season, even if it is “It is not a seasonal virus.”

He continued, “There are also other seasonal viruses that cause the common cold, such as Coryza and other viruses, the incidence of which is increasing these days.”

He pointed out that “Lebanon is suffering today from the re-emergence of the measles virus, and the continued emergence of the virus that causes jaundice, that is, biliary hepatitis A, for many reasons.”

He said: “Measles has reappeared due to a decrease in the vaccination rate compared to other years, and this matter is linked first to the emergence of the Corona virus, because many citizens, as a result of the Corona virus, did not take their children to primary health care centers for vaccination, and then because of the economic problem that led citizens to neglect the process of vaccinating their children due to… The cost of transportation and the absence of public transportation.

He continued, “As for the cause of the spread of necrotic nephritis type A, it spreads due to water pollution, unsafe drainage, and unsafe water that humans use directly or indirectly, such as that used for watering vegetables and animals.”

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He pointed out that “two years ago, these reasons led to the emergence of cholera bacteria, which is one of the main reasons that led to an increase in the rate of hepatitis A infections. Here, the Lebanese health authorities need to refocus on the safety of sanitation and the safety of the water used.” In humans, directly or indirectly, in addition to the possibility of using vaccines that are available but not routine in Lebanon.”

Accordingly, Al-Bizri stressed, “There is no need to panic, but we must seriously rethink, revaccinating children, and benefiting from the good quality and free vaccines provided by the primary health care system that coordinates with the Ministry of Health, in addition to the need to be careful about vaccinating some elderly people and those with chronic diseases.” Or with a lack of immunity, by vaccinating them against the influenza virus, so that they do not become infected with severe influenza.”

In conclusion, he reiterated that “there is no need to panic, but we must work seriously to restore the sewage system and water safety, and to restore the vaccination rate to what it was previously before the emergence of Corona, in addition to the necessity of focusing on the epidemiological surveillance system in order to follow up on what is happening and record any Injury that can be prevented by vaccine or diseases that are transmitted from person to person.”

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