“LeBron James Saves Lakers in Thrilling Overtime Victory Against Grizzlies”

2023-04-25 06:21:44

The Great saves the Lakers and defeats the Grizzlies in overtime

【Now Sports】The Lakers and the Grizzlies played brilliantly on Monday in Game 4. LeBron James showed his power at the critical moment, and finally won 117:111 in overtime, leading the game to 3:1. The Lakers once led by a large margin to double digits in the second quarter, but the Grizzlies got rid of the misfire at the beginning and gradually narrowed the gap. At the last moment of the third quarter, Morant went to the basket and flew into the bottle. The Lakers scored two points.

In the last quarter of regular time, the score was back and forth. In the last 6.7 seconds, the Grizzlies relied on the defensive player of the year, Shellen Jackson, to make a beautiful block, and then organized a counterattack. At the end of the game, the Lakers called a timeout and came back. LeBron James successfully saved the savior. He shoveled the inside and let go. The layup was blocked by Anthony Davis, and the result was a 104 tie into overtime.

In the overtime game, the Lakers relied on James and AD to score continuously in advance to open the score, while the Grizzlies had a three-pointer from Morant over there, and in the last 29.4 seconds, James had another beautiful shovel Succeeded, even if the Grizzlies had Ken Nutt to score a three-pointer at the end, it was too late. They lost another game, and the total number of games fell behind to 1:3.

Although James only scored 22 points in this game, it is not particularly high, but his scoring is very important, and 20 rebounds brought “double-double” data. For the Grizzlies, Darth Benny’s 36 points, together with Morant’s 19 points and Sherron Jackson’s 14 points, are still unable to turn the tide of the battle. Returning to the home court for the next game is like a life-and-death battle. If they lose, they will be out.

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