Legalized fraud! People are outraged by the airport taxi voucher system

San: “A month ago we took a Bolt taxi from the airport to Ogre for 32 euros. But here it’s more expensive to get to the center.”

Marita “Oh my God, this is a terrible price. Even at night from the airport to Tsarnikava it was 35 euros.”

Tysnibas kulps: “Seriously?? 33.50 euros for 7 km to Old Riga?

Andis: “After 15 years of work, finally such an excellent result… from Rome airport 33 km, 50 minutes by taxi to the center, fixed payment – 50 €.”

Janis: “A lot. A couple of years ago they brought us from the airport to Katolu Street at night for 25 euros.”

Mezha stazds: “Why doesn’t anyone have questions about this 0.50 euros.

In my opinion, they provide the answer to all governance in Latvia.”

Snow: Why not 70 euros? Or 83 euros? Why such modesty?

Gunars: “Instead of ensuring that travelers are transported to Riga for a fair price, they legitimized fraud with the voucher.”

Zaiga: “The last taxi ride to the airport from Brasa cost 10.40 euros. I would never buy such an expensive voucher for such a short trip. Unless this taxi served lunch with soft drinks.”

Karlis: “An excellent example of how to ruin a simple matter in the bud. Are there any special courses for this?! Well, these vouchers are almost the price of these “taxi”, plus they do not cover the territory of Riga…”

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2024-04-16 15:53:02

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