Legalized fraud! People are outraged by the airport taxi voucher system

San: “A month ago we took a Bolt taxi from the airport to Ogre for 32 euros. But here it’s more expensive to get to the center.” Marita “Oh my God, this is a terrible price. Even at night from the airport to Tsarnikava it was 35 euros.” Tysnibas kulps: “Seriously?? 33.50 euros for 7 … Read more

Purple vegetables and fruits that have antidiabetic properties Health. Articles, news and tips for a healthier life – 2024-04-01 06:09:38

Red, purple, and blue pigments in fruits and vegetables, called anthocyanins, can reduce diabetes risk by affecting energy metabolism, gut microbiota, and inflammation. A new research review study shows that the beneficial effect of anthocyanins on type 2 diabetes is increased if the anthocyanin is acylated, meaning that an acyl group is added to the … Read more

The Purple Diet: Unlocking the Health Benefits of Anthocyanin-Rich Foods

2023-10-29 06:43:41 Al-Marsad newspaper: The purple diet consists of eating a group of purple-colored foods, rich in powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins, which give these foods their vibrant color and also provide a large number of health benefits, according to what was published by the Times of India newspaper. Benefits of the Purple System 1- … Read more

Controversial Handball Decisions: Expert Analysis and Debates

2023-10-23 20:20:00 1. Hand fault by Leoni. Lardot cancels the 0-3 after the intervention of Var. Lardot: “Le Var checked the phase at my request. It is clearly seen that the arm is held away from the body in an unnatural position. I know there was a deflection from his thigh to his hand, but … Read more

Strawberry-Shaped Creature with 20 Hands Discovered in Antarctic Ocean: A Groundbreaking Find by Scientists

2023-08-12 08:48:58 A surprising species has been discovered at the bottom of the Antarctic ocean. A group of scientists have found a strawberry-shaped creature with 20 hands. This discovery by researchers was during a trawling expedition on the bottom of the ocean. The details of the species were published in the scientific journal “Invertebrate Systematics” … Read more

The secret of Ragwa Al Seif’s mother wearing a purple dress at her daughter’s wedding to the Jordanian Crown Prince

2023-06-13 07:18:50 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Azza bint Nayef Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Sudairi, at the wedding of her daughter, Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein, from the Jordanian Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, wore a purple dress created by the Lebanese designer, Georges Hobeika. Dress details It took 4 months to make the dress, and it consists of two pieces … Read more

“He had issued a death threat to them.”

The correctional court of Liège has decided to consult a service that specializes in treating sex offenders before giving its judgment on a resident of Grâce-Hollogne who is accused of raping and sexually assaulting two young girls aged 15 and 17 with mental disabilities. The defendant met one of the victims on Facebook and invited … Read more