Saudi Traveler Explains Why They Wear Caps When Exploring Mexican Streets in Video

A Saudi traveler has voiced the challenges of moving around the streets of Mexico without wearing a hat, especially when heading to pray. He emphasized that one can easily fall victim to theft and looting. In a video that is currently circulating, the traveler spoke about the struggles of making it to the mosque without … Read more

Park Seo-joon-Jennie, show off a unique aura in the Chanel collection

Money Today L’officiel = Reporter Park Young-bok | 2023.03.11 16:03 Actors Park Seo-joon and Jenny attended the Chanel 2023/24 Fall-Winter Ready-to-Wear Collection Show held in Paris, France on the 7th to shine. On this day, actor Park Seo-joon attended with Chanel Ambassador, Spanish actor Penelope Cruz, and showed off his fantastic visuals. Jenny completed a … Read more

A video documenting the moment women wear the first establishment uniform! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the appearance of a number of women wearing the “establishment dress”, as women used to wear it in the early days of the Saudi state. The women appear almost completely dressed, and cover their faces that only show parts of the face. In the background of the video, one … Read more

“Get dressed and dress your children.” Two “weather” experts reveal details of the weather and 5 areas exposed to precipitation today

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Formerly” Professor of Climate at Qassim University, Vice President of the Saudi Weather and Climate Society, Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad expected; Today, scattered clouds will form that may be rainy in parts of the northern regions of the city, Tabuk, Asir and Al-Baha, and may extend to the north of Al-Jawf. Al-Misnad added, through … Read more

Disclosure of penalties for players wearing a gay support badge in Qatar World Cup matches

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The English Football Association revealed that FIFA has threatened to impose penalties on players who wear the “One Love” rainbow badge in support of gays in the Qatar World Cup matches. FA chief executive Mark Bullingham said his body had expected FIFA to actually threaten to ban the players. According to “AFP”. Bullingham … Read more

In the video.. Do the jinn wear women who adorn themselves in front of each other in marriages? .. A legitimate researcher answers

Al-Marsad newspaper: Sharia researcher Turki Al-Ghamdi responded to what Al-Raqi said in the Tik Tok application, Saleh Al-Zahrani, that the most common reasons for wearing the jinn were because of women’s makeup in front of each other in marriages. Al-Ghamdi said, in a telephone interview to the “Al-Rased” program, via Al-Ekhbariya channel, that after conducting … Read more