Saudi Traveler Explains Why They Wear Caps When Exploring Mexican Streets in Video

A Saudi traveler has voiced the challenges of moving around the streets of Mexico without wearing a hat, especially when heading to pray. He emphasized that one can easily fall victim to theft and looting. In a video that is currently circulating, the traveler spoke about the struggles of making it to the mosque without a cap. He enlightened people about the significance of wearing a cap, particularly in a popular place like Mexico. The traveler also mentioned that tourists or people wearing caps would have a better experience. He commended the good reputation of Muslims in Mexico despite the difficulty with indigenous people who are tougher than the gangs. In conclusion, the traveler pointed out that San Cristobel has one of the best and largest mosques, although there are only a few Muslims living there.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi traveler revealed the difficulty of walking around the streets of Mexico, without wearing a hat, especially while going to pray, stressing, “You may be exposed to theft and looting.”

And the traveler said, in a circulating video: One struggles to reach the mosque .. O people, do you know the importance of the cap? I am in a very popular place.

And he continued: If you see what is in there or a tourist, if you wear this cap, the issue would be completely different.

And he added: The Indigenous people, they are the indigenous people, people are more difficult than the gangs, praise be to God that the reputation of Muslims here is very good.

He added: San Cristobel has a small number of Muslims, and it has one of the best mosques, the largest mosque in Mexico.

In conclusion, the Saudi traveler’s experiences in Mexico taught him the importance of hats, especially when it comes to personal safety. His message serves as a reminder that being aware of your surroundings is crucial, no matter where you go. Despite the challenges he faced, he also noted the positive reputation of Muslims in Mexico and the presence of a thriving Muslim community there. It is clear that cultural exchange and respect for diversity can only enrich our lives, and it is always exciting to hear about different experiences and perspectives from around the world.

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