Strawberry-Shaped Creature with 20 Hands Discovered in Antarctic Ocean: A Groundbreaking Find by Scientists

2023-08-12 08:48:58

A surprising species has been discovered at the bottom of the Antarctic ocean. A group of scientists have found a strawberry-shaped creature with 20 hands. This discovery by researchers was during a trawling expedition on the bottom of the ocean.

The details of the species were published in the scientific journal “Invertebrate Systematics” on July 14. Between 2008 and 2017, the research team began a series of experiments aimed at finding out about a marine creature known as Promacocrineus figarius, or Antarctic feather stars.

They live in water from about 65 feet to 65,000 feet deep. Although they live in water, they are different from sea stars. The team discovered eight main types of feather stars.

This discovery led to the emergence of a new species, Promacochrinus figarius, which is derived from the Latin word for strawberry. The species got its name because of its strawberry shape.

The researchers found that this category can be seen in colors ranging from purple to dark red. The exact size and proportions of the body were not recorded. It was found on the basis of DNA and body shape.

The team included scientists including ocean explorers Emily McLaggin, Nerida Wilson, and Teg Roos.

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