Leica announced the compact full-frame fixed-focus camera Q3, equipped with 60MP triple-resolution back-illuminated CMOS and flip-out touchscreen #Leica (193945)

2023-05-25 13:54:48

It is already 2019 since Leica announced the last compact full-frame fixed-focus camera Q2, and Leica will release the monochrome sensor version Q2 Monochrom at the end of 2020, and Leica will announce a new generation of compact full-frame fixed-focus camera Leica in 2023 Q3 inherits the 28mm wide-angle fixed lens design and Leica’s recognizable body shape, and replaces it with a new-generation 60MP triple-resolution back-illuminated CMOS sensor and adds a flip screen.

The suggested price of Leica Q3 is 215,000 yuan

▲ Leica Q3 triple resolution CMOS can choose 60MP, 36MP and 18MP

Leica Q3 adopts triple resolution BSI-CMOS, which can provide 60MP, 36MP and 18MP DNG original files for subsequent processing, or generate JPEG format to apply the classic style of the body; at the same time, Leica Q3 is equipped with Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. The fixed high-speed focusing lens provides 17cm close-up shooting in macro mode, and can provide classic equivalent focal lengths such as 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm through digital zoom. In addition, two new functions of Leica Perspective Control LPC and Leica Dynamic Range LDR are added , making it easier to ensure image quality in JPEG format.

▲ Q3 is the first Q series model to add a flip touch screen

At the same time, Leica Q3 supports 8K video, and provides H.265 and Apple ProRes encoding, which meets the needs of various professional video production streams, and can use USB Type-C, HDMI interface and stabilizer kit, mobile power supply and external recording camera Used together, it has passed the Made for iPhone and iPad certification at the same time, and can be used with Apple devices through the Leica FOTOS cable.

▲The screen can be flipped up and down, and the body supports Qi-compliant wireless charging

The Leica Q3 is equipped with a 3-inch touch screen that flips up and down, allowing greater freedom when shooting. The body is also IP52 dustproof and waterproof to ensure reliability when shooting in different environments; in addition, the Leica Q3 is equipped with a BC-SCL6 new battery , and can also be used with Qi-standard Leica wireless charging pad and independent camera handle.

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