May 26, 1848: Third uprising in Vienna, triggered by the intended dissolution of the Academic Legion

2023-05-25 22:09:59

Under Friday, May 26, the book of history records, among other things:

1818: King Maximilian I of Bavaria gives his country a parliamentary constitution with two chambers.
1828: A young man of unknown origin appears in Nuremberg who calls himself Kaspar Hauser. He claims to be the foundling of a day labourer. Various speculations state that he could be the hereditary prince of Baden, who was believed to be dead.
1848: Third uprising in Vienna, triggered by the intended dissolution of the Academic Legion.
1868: In the impeachment trial against US President Andrew Johnson, the Senate is missing a single vote for impeachment. The Democratic Party politician had been impeached by the House of Representatives for failing to notify Congress of the firing of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.
1908: In Masjid-i-Sulaiman in Persia, crude oil is found for the first time in recoverable quantities.
1923: The German ex-officer and Freikorps fighter Albert Leo Schlageter, who was sentenced to death by the French for sabotage and espionage, was shot dead on the Golzheimer Heide near Düsseldorf. (Later worshiped by the Nazis as a German national hero).
1923: Start of the first 24 Hours of Le Mans in France: Andrée Lagache and René Léonard win.
1933: Australia claims a third of the Arctic continent.
1938: The foundation stone for the Volkswagen plant near Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony is laid in the presence of Hitler. Inexpensive automobiles are to be produced here, which every German can purchase in installments as part of the NS leisure organization “Kraft durch Freude” (KdF).
1963: The Swiss population authorizes the government and parliament to decide on a nuclear armament of the army.
1973: Referendum in Vienna: After a media campaign, 57.4 percent are against the construction of a university institute in the Observatory Park in Währing. Mayor Felix Slavik then resigns (successor: Leopold Gratz).
1983: The German militaria dealer Konrad Kujau admits that he himself forged the “Hitler Diaries” he sold to the magazine “stern”.
1993: The German parliament restricts the right to asylum. Anyone who has entered the country from a safe third country loses the right to an asylum procedure.
1998: Former doctor Ikuo Hayashi, a member of the Japanese sect Aum Shinrikyo, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the poison gas attack on the Tokyo subway three years earlier.
1998: The office of President of the European Central Bank (ECB) is being held for the first time. The EU heads of state and government appoint the Dutchman Wim Duisenberg (until 2003).
2003: The EU research ministers give the go-ahead for the development of the European satellite navigation system “Galileo”.
2003: In a referendum in Rwanda, 90 percent voted for a new constitution that would introduce a multi-party system nine years after the genocide.
2008: American actor and director Sydney Pollack has died at the age of 73 from cancer. The Oscar winner made his worldwide breakthrough in 1985 with the film “Out of Africa”.
2008: The US space probe “Phoenix” launched on August 4th, 2007 lands on Mars. On November 2nd, the probe will transmit scientific data for the last time before losing contact, on November 10th the end of the mission will be announced.

birthdays: Olaf Gulbransson, Norwegian draftsman (1873-1958); Sir Eugene Goossens, British conductor (1893-1962); Robert Morley, British actor (1908-1992); Horst Tappert, German actor (1923-2008); Teresa Stratas, Canada. opera singer (1938); Friedrich Perner, former fire director of the Vienna professional fire brigade (1948); Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks, US singer (1948); Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark (1968).
days of death: Joseph Pulitzer III, US newspaper editor (1913-1993); Karl Spitzy, Austria physicians (1915-2013); Otto Mühl, Austria performance artist (1925-2013); Alan Bean, US astronaut (1932-2018); Sidney Pollack, US film director (1934-2008); José María Pérez Gay, Mexican author (1944-2013).
name days: Philipp, Alwine, Eduard, Regintrud, Augustin, Marianne, Alwin, Godo, Johannes Nepomuk, Andreas, Anna.

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