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Lesti Kejora’s Expression and Different Shadows Was Excited, Here Are the Facts

by archyde

Still remember when Lesti Kejora Bimo Arya made a fake kretek, something odd happened. Lesti Kejora’s shadow and expression looked different.

Lesti Kejora originally seemed to be laughing, but her shadow didn’t move. The moment was recorded in a video on the YouTube channel Beemz Aryo.

Bimo Aryo, the owner of the channel, also commented on his Instagram Story, “It’s very strange that the reflection doesn’t laugh as well.”



Now, another fact has been revealed. Bimo Aryo explained that Lesti Kejora’s reflection and original expression that looked different was actually related to the role of an editor. Bimo Arya also noticed the difference in reflection after Rizky Billar sent a message.

“So I was also surprised, to be honest, when I did the Lesti Kejora kretek, I didn’t revise the video. Because at that time I was busy. Until finally, many DMs came in, one of them was even from Rizky Billar,” said Bimo Aryo at the Pagi Pagi Ambyar studio, Transmedia area, South Jakarta.

At that time, Rizky Billar said that Bimo Aryo was also worried and thought it was a scary thing.

“‘This bro was sent by one of the fans. It’s really scary.’ When I saw oh my god this was really scary. I immediately looked for the editor, it turned out to be his edit. It looks really real,” said Bimo Aryo.

“It was made in such a way that it was very original. Without (me) knowledge, because I am my editor, I gave them the freedom to be creative. So it is possible to make good and real edits,” he explained again.

Bimo Aryo revealed that Rizky Billar sent him a message and admitted that it was scary to see Lesti Kejora’s video like that. After knowing the real facts, Bimo Aryo also immediately contacted Rizky Billar.

“I don’t know about Lesti’s reaction. Only when Rizky messaged me it was a bit scary to see. But I said to him, ‘No, bro, it’s an edit,'” said Bimo Aryo.

The difference in expression on the reflection and the original Lesti Kejora can be seen at 16.36 to 16.55 minutes. Although Lesti Kejora raised her head and laughed, her reflection on the floor remained silent.

Lesti Kejora’s shadow just looks silent with empty eyes. While the other shadows on the floor move normally.

After going viral and excited, it is suspected that Lesti Kejora’s expression did not move because of editing to give a visible effect at minute 16 seconds 46.


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