Leticia Bredice remembered Charly García’s marriage proposal: “I always regretted it”

2023-11-20 17:33:52

Leticia Bredice remembered the day Charly García asked her to marry him. In PH, We Can Talk, the Telefe program, The actress referred to the love she felt for the musician when she was a teenager.

“Today I still see it. I saw him for his birthday and he always moves your legs”, he said about the friendship they maintain.

“Leticia,you regretted not having married Charly García? “Andy Kuznetzoff asked him in PH.

“Oh, yes (…) I She worked as a waitress and looked much older., 18. He came to the bar every day. One day he was chatting and told me: ‘I would marry you.’ And I told him ‘me too,’” he recalled.

After that episode, Bredice told the sequence to her mother. “Told me ‘go to sleep you’re drunk‘. “I wasn’t drunk, I told him so seriously…” Bredice revealed.

“My old woman didn’t accept it, and I always regretted it so much (…) I would have married Charly, I was very in love. “He would ask me for anything and I would bring him any whim,” he said about that time when Charly frequented the bar that she attended to.

Charly García’s health

Josi García Moreno spokethe sister of Charly García. «Charly is not 30 years old, he did not live the life of an athlete and now he can’t do what he is told to do,” he told Clarín.

«I hope I can go out and play very quickly. But he is not a child and we are all working for the same thing, from the doctors, the psychiatrist and us. We are all there, trying to add, with Mecha (Iñigo, Charly’s partner) at the helm,” he explained about Charly García’s health.

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