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As we have seen, many women often start pumping up their image by putting on multi-colored feathers and showing that they really want attention.

Everyone almost starts pumping the sex resource with pumping the milking machine, increasing its power and functionality. Sometimes they remember that it would be necessary to hide the milking machine, but they continue to improve it in the bushes.

Well, love is pumped too, it’s clear how: expanding the range of your torture case.

Tongs in the form of hooks and sharp peaks, axes, crowbars, because there is no technique against scrap.

This is because a person with bad boundaries (egocentric) confuses his attraction and someone else’s.

It seems to him that if his desire to grow and express, someone else’s desire will also increase from this.

In the depths of his soul, he is sure that the other is his continuation, and instead of I he has We.

Here, let’s see in this letter once again how the author confuses himself and the chosen one.


Good afternoon, dear Evolution!

I want to thank you for your blog: it helped me understand that my parents are not my slaves, and the world does not owe me all the blessings just like that.

(The author is proud that by the age of 21 she learned what she should have understood at the age of 5: parents are not slaves, the world is not obliged)

I hope my letter will be interesting to parse.

I saw him during an interview and instantly fell in love with him. In such a beautiful and serious. V. 24, RP and my boss, I’m 21, studying, working.

For a month I puzzled over how to attract his interest, but neither infusion into his company, nor success at work helped, and resigned myself, and I shifted my attention to work, study and my actual relationships, sometimes I just licked my lips, looking at him.

(The author uses the wording “licked” as if a man with an OP higher than her is a pie. Folks, if you don’t learn to filter your self-absorbed language, there will be no sense of boundaries. Stop yourself when you feel like imagining other people as food or things)

However, at the corporate party, he kissed me and we spent the night with him, and in the morning I ran away. For a week he did not raise this topic, and I was furious, but did not express anything but an apology for my reckless act. I realized that there was nothing to say and hid my sour face behind the computer screen.

(She “ran away” as if he was holding her, and not she took advantage of the booze. He had seen her “licking his lips” before. And then she frankly writes that she was furious, waiting for his reaction to her tongs)

On the last working day, we got drunk again, already in a narrow circle of his company, and he kissed me and somehow it started to spin that he called to celebrate the new year with him and his friends. That evening, I confessed my love and he condescendingly agreed to meet.

(Alcohol helps women’s tongs because it softens men. But notice that she is indignant that he did not happily offer, but only condescendingly agreed. What does this mean?)

For a month I tried to show him how I can love, he was also open. The initiative then was 2v1. And so, he flattened out, and I, having gone a little crazy, lagged behind him. Went to work and study. At one of the meetings, he said that he loved me. And after a while I

(It seems to her that she said in response to his confession. Although she told him this a long time ago and wrote above. Due to the merger, she does not see her forceps. Therefore, she considers his response to her forceps to be his spontaneous initiative)

We met for two months in the same mode: I strive for him, he accepts everything, like warming up, we spend 3-4 days together, he goes into plus, after a week he beckons me and everything repeats. I tried to invest, to make his stay with me interesting and tasty.

(It seems to her that her tongs are warming him up, and he looks almost like an abuser, now accepting, then pushing away, then suddenly beckoning. In fact, she runs after him, and he answers with what he can, sometimes almost willingly, but more often through force. it is clear that more often through force?)

I called to St. Petersburg for May and lived together for almost a week, and then he had a little more and I realized that I wanted to live with him and even someday have children from him. But I saw that he had no such desire. I was a little sad that I was like that, I already performed almost all the functions of my wife, but he didn’t need it and distanced myself. I went headlong into my studies, and when the session ended, I already wanted to get out of this relationship, because I feel stupid that I want more from a person than he wants to give.

(To get out of a relationship, you need to enter them. And while she is trying to take by storm)

A few days ago I tried to leave ecologically, but I failed and now I don’t know what to do, whether it will be possible to leave beautifully or do something to achieve balance.

PS: during the time of our acquaintance, my EP has risen, but I’m still far from V.’s OP.

(Let’s not even imagine her “eco-friendly care”, these are some very pathetic forceps. She asks how to achieve balance with a man whom she pinches, then rages that he is not happy with the forceps. This is the main sign of fusion. When you push on a person to get what they want, but expect them to be happy and grateful for your pressure (as if your wish should automatically become his as soon as you push with your tongs)


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