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The 7th Quebec Contemporary Art Fair is no exception and opts for a virtual version. It’s over 175 Å ?? works by 25 artists who have been selected by guest curator Dominique Fontaine.

The Foire and Art Actuel de Québec (FAAQ) – Tait Prévue – Originally last May, but the event has finally been postponed and re-invented.

Usually the FAAQFoire en art present-day in Quécée takes place indoors in the form of a collective exhibition.

The 7th edition is presented on a web platform developed for the occasion and takes place from November 20 to December 6.

Followers for more than two weeks, neophytes and insiders alike will have the opportunity to discover the work of 25 artists from Quebec.

It is an Alternative Fair, that is to say that it mainly presents artists who are not represented in galleries, specifies Michelle Drapeau.

Another Peculiarity Which Makes It Unique In Qué Bec, Even In Canada, Is That Each Year, The Organization invites you to Curator Make The Selection of Artists and And And Imagine A Concept for an Expositionskollektiv, adds the president.

This year, the Fair in contemporary art of Quéc an invitation from Dominique Fontaine, a specialist in renowned art and contemporary art, art diatics and artistic gestures, for the assurance of the Kommissariat of its 7th edition.

This is the first time that Laurence Belzile is attending the event. The painter originally from Gaspés is now based in Quebec. Several of her paintings were selected by the commissioner. She does not hide her enthusiasm for the visibility that the fair offers her.

This is clearly a good opportunity, I can sell my work there which is always great economically for the work of an artist to be viable. But also, because it is a wonderful visibility to put the artists of Qué Bec forward with a pool of artists who come from everywhere, explains Laurence Belzile.

This year’s digital experience also offers talks, performances and even virtual workshop tours.

I find it a great way to get to know my work, a Gives people a whole different perspective. They can better understand the environment in which I work.

The current art fair 2020 scheduled for last May will take place from November 20 to December 6 in virtual mode.

The 7th Fair in Contemporary Art of Quebec, under the presidency of the artist Paul Béliveau, invites you to be present, directly from your living room, to encourage and support local creators.

The FAAQFoire en art nouvelle de Quéc is a replacement for the 20th. November to 6th. November. All details are on the event website. ï »¿(New window) ï» ¿

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