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Passing through the “Pioneering Center” in Mong Kok this day, I saw the sign of “Xia Noodle House”, and I remembered the shrimp and eel noodles at “Xia Noodle House” in Shanghai, so I went upstairs to help. Unexpectedly, the “Xia Noodle House” in Hong Kong does not sell this type of noodles. It’s a pity I can’t eat it.

Among the noodles in Hangzhou, there are two types of noodles that are the most famous. One is “Pian’erchuan” and the other is “Shrimp Burst Eel Noodles”.

“Pian’erchuan” is the noodles with shredded pork and pickled vegetables, and “Shrimp and Eel Noodles” uses fried eel and shrimp as toppings. The fried eel is made of yellow eel, which is fried first and then cooked. The crispy is crispy with a charred fragrance. Fresh river shrimp is added, and it is soaked in a special noodle soup. A bowl of noodles is extremely delicious.

This bowl of noodles is produced by the most famous “Kui Yuan Restaurant” in Hangzhou, and in Shanghai, it is the “Xia Noodle Restaurant”. More than 20 years ago, I helped the “Summer Noodle House” in Shanghai for the first time. As soon as I entered the door, I heard the sound of Suzhou Pingtan, Wu Nong playing the words, dingdong soft and greasy, and the shop assistants were all middle-aged women, blue shirts and pants, blue cloth Head scarf, greeting is kind and natural. On the four walls of the store, there are Chinese painting master Cheng Shifa’s danqing calligraphy. At this time, a bowl of hot shrimp and eel noodles was served. The noodles were fragrant and the soup was fresh, and the shrimp and eel were crispy.

Among the red noodles in Suzhou, the fried fish noodles are also delicious. The fried fish is made of herring pieces, which are fried first and then cooked, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Thinking of this day, I felt that if the fried fish was soaked in the noodle soup, it would have another merit. I immediately felt blessed, so I cooked a package of “Chou Qian Yi Ding” chicken noodles, and opened a can of “Pearl River Bridge Brand” Tempeh Dace , The dace is also fried first and then cooked, put into the noodles, soaked in the noodle soup, crispy and fresh, and the taste of the dace in the mouth is slightly the same as that of the eel. When you can’t eat the eel noodles, you can also satisfy your cravings with this top file. Overjoyed.
Lee Chun Eun

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