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Li Chunen – Thanks to Dr. Zhang Zhujun | Live a good life | Headline Daily

by archyde

The epidemic in Hong Kong has slowed down, and the immigration prevention measures have also been relaxed. The Center for Health Protection has insisted on it for two and a half years, and the daily press conference on the epidemic has also been cancelled. Cooperate.

For more than two years, I have been able to watch the press conference live on TV every day, rain or shine. The face of Dr. Zhang Zhujun’s mask (the real face has never been seen) has been deeply rooted in the hearts of Hong Kong people, and her voice is well-known, but when you hear her voice, you know that Dr. Zhang is here again; if that day is a holiday, you will know that she is not on vacation.

Her calm and calm tone and professional and rational explanation are the best way for Hong Kong people to understand the epidemic. Over time, she has developed the habit of waiting for her to appear. She is always calm and honest, and answers all kinds of questions asked by reporters truthfully. Even if she encounters reporters who have no brains and do not do their homework, she always reluctantly answers the stupid questions they ask, although sometimes in her tone, You can hear that helplessness, like a doctor encountering a terminal illness.

As far as I can remember, there was only one time when she had just finished answering a question and another reporter raised it again, and she gave a slight rebuke: “You really don’t listen to books.” That’s all.

In the past two years, everyone knows that the epidemic is no longer a simple epidemic, and it has also penetrated into troublesome politics. As the host of the daily press conference, it must be a headache to grasp the proportion of language. For things other than pure epidemics, Care must also be taken, because of the credibility she has built, so that every word she says has weight and is believable. In this situation, even if I am magnanimous, I will walk on thin ice. This is not a long-term absence of holidays and rest to adjust life, and to cope with the difficulties at home.

She said at the last press conference that she hoped that the citizens of Hong Kong could live a normal life as soon as possible, and wished everyone good health and a happy life. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to her and her colleagues, and wish her and her colleagues a happy and fulfilling work.
Lee Chun Eun

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