Liberal Party in Crisis: Declining Poll Numbers and Calls for Trudeau’s Replacement

2024-02-22 03:34:07

The polls follow one another and continue one after the other to bring bad news to the Liberal Party of Canada, which now finds itself with voting intentions similar to those of the NDP.

A survey by the firm Nanos carried out on behalf of the CTV network now gives 40.6% voting intention to the Conservatives led by Pierre Poilievre, up 1.9 points over four weeks.

The Liberals, for their part, continue their fall and must now be content with 23.8% of voting intentions, down 2.4%. This rate is close to the 21.9% of votes credited to Jagmeet Singh’s NDP.

As a bonus, 36% of Canadians choose Pierre Poilievre as their preferred potential prime minister, compared to 20% for Justin Trudeau and 15% for Jagmeet Singh.

“The trend for Pierre Poilievre is at the highest level among all Conservative leaders in the last decade, including Stephen Harper,” noted pollster Nik Nanos in an interview with CTV News.

Trudeau’s departure, the only salvation?

Furthermore, another poll carried out by Nanos for the “Globe and Mail” shows that the only real solution for the Liberals to improve their chances would be to dump their leader before the next election.

In fact, 39% of Canadians believe that the departure of Mr. Trudeau and his replacement by a new leader is the best thing to do for the party. A quarter of respondents indicated that the Liberal Party should talk more about the economy to improve its chances.

Barely 3% of Canadians supported that keeping Mr. Trudeau as leader is the solution for the party to rise in the polls.

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