Libyan Ambassador Scandal: Investigation into Suspicious Transfers and Preventive Detention

2023-10-03 14:51:20

Libyan Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulhamid Dbeibeh put an end to, Tuesday, at the secondment of Amal Jerary as Libyan ambassador to Brussels. As Le Soir reported on Saturday and Monday, the diplomat is suspected of having made significant transfers, of several hundred thousand euros of public funds, from an embassy account to that of a family business. . On Tuesday afternoon, the Libyan Attorney General’s Office also announced the opening of an investigation and the placement in preventive detention of the now former ambassador of the country to Belgium and Luxembourg.

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The publication in recent days of an audio message from the Libyan ambassador in the local media has weakened the latter’s position. In this voice message dated at the beginning of April, she asked her secretary to create a false invoice to justify disbursements from the embassy’s “health” account. The same one that the diplomat is accused of having unduly emptied between May and July of this year. Nadima EG., who had received this voice message, confirmed its authenticity Monday evening in an interview on Libyan national television.

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